I started listening to the soundtrack for Eden’s Last Sunrise the other day, straight after I finished the demo. I haven’t stopped since.

There’s game music that feels half-hearted; there because it’s expected. Then, there’s music that is so wonderfully evocative of a certain era in gaming – so spirited and vital – that it transports you to somewhere special. Listening to Eden’s Last Sunrise‘s bright, swelling strings and spurring orchestral flourishes, I am suddenly eleven years old again, and faking illness to play Suikoden II in bed all dayOh, and as it turns out, there’s a pretty great demo to go with all these nice noises too.

Eden's Last Sunrise

New Under the Sunrise

Eden’s Last Sunrise is the latest project from RPG The Tenth Line developer, Sungazer Software. Described as ‘a classic tactical RPG with a twist’. players will ‘Choose one of two sides and experience multiple branching paths as magic and technology collide to determine the fate of the world.’ It’s isometric, turn-based gameplay is reminiscent of the much-loved Final Fantasy Tacticsbut with all the variety and depth you’d expect from a modern iteration. Options are plentiful: Job roles, buffs, and mid-battle equipment switches are all at play here. The demo is short, but the amount of variety shown in the one mission should keep tactics buffs busy for a long evening.

Eden's Last Sunrise

As well as an introductory battle, the free playable demo showcases a short story section. From what we’ve seen, the narrative looks engaging and involved. It hints at larger machinations behind the theater of war’s curtain; secret plans and projects, friendships and betrayals. Just the sort of plots that great RPG melodrama is made of. As well as branching narratives, Eden’s Last Sunrise will also feature a NG+ mode, so players can return to see what they missed out the first time. You can check out the Kickstarter for Eden’s Last Sunrise here.

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