Nintendo’s indie library (Nindies) has exploded over the past month, offering a selection of great titles that Switch owners won’t want to miss.

From imaginative platformers to zen-inducing ariel adventures, January was ripe with stellar content for those hip to the Nindie scene. As a result though, there are probably some gems you may have missed or put on your backlog. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of five noteworthy Nindies of January 2018. Let’s check out which titles stand out from the pack and why they deserve your immediate attention.


Much in the same vein as games like Flower or Journey, PolyKnight Games‘ flight simulator is one of those rare experiences that actually leave players calm and composed afterward. Taking on the role of a sentient AI plane known as The Cartographer, players weave and dive through a world turned inside-out.

Mountains and structures are suspended from the sides of cavern walls and pools of water glisten on the ceiling. Though it can be difficult to find a sense of direction in certain parts of the game, the sense of style and serenity it provides are more than worthy enough reasons to give this title a look.

Darkest Dungeon

It was a bit of a wait for this popular title’s Switch port, but it was more than worth it to have this stellar rogue-like available on the go. Summoned by a cryptic Count to reclaim his homeland from bandits, horrors and evils galore, the player must build up a team of intrepid outcasts and push back against the darkness. All the while they’ll risk their teams’ lives and sanity. As a bonus, the Nindie release features every DLC pack released since launch.

Red Hook Studios‘ turn-based RPG feels right at home on the Switch. This is the despair-ridden dungeon delving adventure in its most complete version to date. Whether you’re a fan of classic turn-based RPGs or a properly challenging dungeon crawl, this game will have something to keep you occupied.

Nightmare Boy

As meme-worthy as the ’90s were, it’s hard to find many games nowadays that aim to capture the art style of that decade. Enter the Vanir Project’s Nightmare Boy, a platformer which captures the chaotic style of both the Sega Saturn’s 32-bit games and ’90s cartoons like Aaahh! Real Monsters. 

Taking on the role of a young boy turned into a nightmarish ghoul, players must traverse a twisted dreamscape to reclaim their original form and return to the waking world. Jumping, dodging, and fighting their way through obstacles and enemies, players are privy to a game awash in color and style. It creates an experience you won’t soon forget.


Mobile games have certainly made waves in recent years. In the case of Shu, a platformer and endless runner hybrid, this is a great thing. Set in a world threatened by an unknown darkness, players take on the role of the titular character. Tasked with confronting this malevolent force, players jump back and forth between calmer, traditional platforming segments and frantic sprints through the gorgeously depicted world. By enlisting the help of a steady stream of new allies, players can utilize different abilities to find their way to success. The result makes for a novel experience perfect for playing in short bursts.


The latest title from Towerfall creator Matt Makes Games is amassing praise from fans and critics alike, and for good reason. Players guide the protagonist, Madeline to the top of Celeste Mountain. Along the way they’ll encounter some of the best precision platforming since Super Meat Boy. Celeste is also one of the most stylish and impactful experiences around. Full of heartfelt characters and segments that bleed artistic originality, the game has set a high bar for upcoming releases. If you’re looking for a quality title to play on the Switch, you can’t go wrong with Celeste.

Was there a Nindie released in January which struck you as noteworthy? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out some other great Nindie titles on the horizon like Night in the Woods.

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