There’s been a trend in indie games, starting with Shovel Knight, of 2D action games featuring short, cute, knightly protagonists. Unless you already happen to be in love with that aesthetic (like I am) you’re probably a bit skeptical of games that fit that mold.

Let me tell you what Knight Time does differently. While the dev team at Whistling Wizard are definitely riffing off of popular motifs, the core mechanics of their game aim to mix-up the 2D action platformer. If you’re a fan of the fantasy look, but feel bogged down by games that all feel the same in how they handle, Knight Time might have something for you.

A diagram demonstrating Knight Time's combat mechanics. Players must attempt to strike the enemy with their weapon while avoiding the enemy's weapon. A clash of weapons ill result in a parry.

Time, Place, and Tactics

While Knight Time most closely resembles a platformer in its presentation, there don’t really seem to be any platforms at all. Gameplay is still based largely on the player’s ability to control their movement, but our hero stays constantly airborne. It’s less about taking leaps of faith and more about keeping your head in fast-paced aerial combat.

Players control the knight with a click-and-drag based system, sending him charging in whatever direction they aim. It’s a novel idea that takes advantage of the medium. Ultimately, it’ll come down to the developers’ execution, to see if Knight Time harnesses its primary mechanic in a satisfying manner. There’s an arsenal of power-up weapons to add some variety, but given that you’ll be relying on your lance a lot of the time, the tightness of control there is likely to be what makes or breaks the player’s experience.

Art from Knight Time, featuring the main character against a midnight blue background. He is gazing at a castle in the distance.

You can read up on Knight Time‘s systems in a lot more detail on its Kickstarter page. It can be tough to judge a mechanic-driven game without a playable demo, but if the pre-alpha footage impresses you, you should consider making a donation. Hopefully, we’ll see more of what Knight Time has to offer in the near future.

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