Set in a magical world, Unleashed wants to be more than your typical 2D RPG. With features such as crafting, housing, and farming, set against a darker story created with a mature audience in mind, Florent Goumot-Labesse is hoping the grandeur of his idea will turn into a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The world of Mystria has had a curse placed on it, leading most people to care only about their most burning desires. Once affected the person’s soul splits into ten parts. Each one representing a different sin or virtue. These sins can take on a physical appearance, turning into Achiveras and forcing players into fights throughout the world.

A religious order lead by spellcasters called, The Devoted has risen in the aftermath of this curse. Taking advantage of people’s weakened minds The Devoted act as if the curse is freeing humanity. However, not everyone was affected by the curse. This includes our protagonist, Mercy.

Mercy’s mind is less susceptible to the Devoted’s tricks than those suffering the curse. This leads the Devoted to kidnap her mother. Now players must help Mercy traverse Unleashed’s open world to find her mother and try to bring an end to the Devoted in the process.

Avoiding the Elements

Doing away with the typical fire, water, and ice elements found in magical worlds, Unleashed replaces them with Achiveras. Players will have their own Achiveras to summon into battle, and will be able to use sins and virtues to attack enemies. Battles in Unleashed are turn-based with players being able to take actions such as using specific sins or virtues against enemies, healing or buffing a teammate, or using an item to gain an advantage. If all of your Achivaras are defeated in battle, Mercy will have to fight on her own to survive.

The game world is completely available from the outset. With no level scaling to be found, it’s a dangerous world. However, more danger means better loot and resources available.  Players have to weigh the risk as they avoid enemies while fishing, cutting trees, mining rocks, or opening chests.

Unleashed also features a soundtrack inspired by metal music to accompany the game’s darker tone.

There’s currently a playable demo available for Windows and Linux. The French developer is looking for $12,322 USD on Kickstarter to complete Unleashed, so be sure to check it out and contribute if it’s something you find interesting.