Sit down, dear friendo. I would like to take you on a journey. A wonderful journey that will change your life. When arrive at our destination, you will experience things, and they will change you as a person. You will never be the same again. We have to get there first, though, and the thing is, I don’t have any money. Can I borrow like, $300 maybe? No? No money either? I should have known really. No-one with money wears a hat like that after all. Anyway, here’s some free indie games to help you out. Could I borrow maybe just $250 though?


A vignette game by Stephen’s Sausage Roll creator Stephen Lavelle,  this one is short but S I G N I F I C A N T. Significant how? Beats me. But I FEEL IT IN MY BONES. Play it here.

Free Indie Games


Step One: Put a bug in bottle. Step Two: Put a leaf in the bottle. Step Three: Wizard up some aphrodisiac-like properties in your leafy bug juice Step Four: Profit. Draught is a simple potion selling economy game with some awesomely retro visuals and sounds, and is good and nice and you will like it I think. Play it here.

Free Indie Games


Technically a re-release, this one, I believe, but that’s no excuse not to play it. Salt is a soothing gem brought to life with bubbling ambiance and terse prose, and a perfect primer for what you can expect from the incredible looking In Other Watersbeing from the same team and all. Cosy and clandestine, like pissing down your own leg in a swimming pool.

free indies

Like the Wind

Ok so basically everything prolific jammer Andrew Wang makes is genius and this is no exception. A tense and addictive runner that’s sonically and visually cacophonous, like watching a firework display from the inside of a speaker at a Die Antwoord show. Do it!

Free Indie Games

Pizza Time

The itch page describes this game as “Like Skyrim With Pizza”, and I agree. Because Skyrim was shit, son, and this game is also not very good. It doesn’t run very well and when it does is basically just a derivative mess. Why am I recommending it then? Because the creepy music and sense of endless loneliness makes Pizza Time the greatest metaphor for soul crushing wage slave alienation I have played in a long time. There’s also Vaporwave Pizza Co which basically does the same thing, but is much more smug about it. For me, honest craptitude wins every time.

Free Indie Games

That’s it for this week, friends! Remember, when your soul starts to crumble like a soggy muffin into the swirling coffee of the void, Cliqist will be here for you. Asking whether or not you’re going to finish that soul muffin. Well, are you?

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