Some of you probably remember hearing about Way to the Woods a few years ago. Back then, it was touted as a stunningly beautiful game created by a 16-year-old developer. Well, a lot’s changed since then. For example, Way to the Woods is now a stunningly beautiful game created by an 18-year-old developer.

There’s also the brand new gameplay trailer that dropped a few days ago.

Gameplay trailers often represent to the public a major step from “proof of concept” towards “actual playable game.” When we last saw Way to the Woods several years ago, it was only a collection of beautiful screenshots with a heartwarming backstory. Now, it’s a game that we can expect to see in about a year’s time. So far, the gameplay shown has definitely lived up to my expectations.

Find Your Way

Way to the Woods doesn’t label itself as anything more complex than a third-person adventure title. While the focus certainly seems to be on exploration, it also looks like there’s a possibility for some interesting puzzles. A form of combat or chase mechanic has also been confirmed. Even without delving into specifics, just seeing the game in motion can fill you with a sense of mystery. The world feels quiet, lonely, and yet vibrantly alive all at once. It’s a level of immediate fascination with a setting that I’ve not felt since my first few moments with Inside.

A screenshot from Way to the Woods showing a pack of black dogs with glowing white eyes and teeth.

I’m excited to see more of Anthony Tan’s work, both on this and any future projects. You can expect Way to the Woods to release in early 2019. Keep yourself up to date on its progress via the game’s website, or the developer’s Twitter. And, as always, check Cliqist for continuing coverage.

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