The great thing about video games is that they are, ultimately, a platform for creativity. Developed by Sciman101, ANYKEY is an impressive first game for a newcomer to the gamedev scene. This flashy take on Pong boasts a wide selection of modes and ideas in a simple package.

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Pong

Traditional games usually have basic requirements, such as win and loss conditions. ANYKEY doesn’t complicate things much more than that. Taken straight from the game’s Steam description: “The rules are simple – hold your button to turn and accelerate, let go to fly forwards, and don’t touch the edge.”

ANYKEY takes the old-school quarter-guzzling arcade approach to gameplay, which is fitting for a fairly barebones game. Your performance in-game directly correlates with your skill, which leaves little room for error. Players put their reaction time to the test as they move through a flurry of high-octane beats and flashy fireworks.

Where ANYKEY sets itself apart is in its execution. Sciman101 has taken an innovative approach by framing simple rules within a variety of contexts. Play with a friend, or two, or 60 on the same keyboard as you duke it out over fast-paced, ball-based gameplay.

For a first release, ANYKEY shows a healthy amount of promise from the fledgling developer. It emphasizes some of the core concepts behind good development: taking old ideas and making them your own.

ANYKEY is available for free from Steam and


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