Do you want to see a fluorescent pink tyrannosaurus rex rampaging through a park while wearing a Packers Cheesehead hat? Of course you do, and in Parkasaurus that’s exactly what you get.

Parkasaurus is a construction and management sim that puts you in charge of a zoo full of dinosaurs. It’s basically like the recently released Jurassic Park Evolution but brighter, zanier, and with way more hats.

Thanks to time travel, you can get your hands on the most fashionable dino species around. Once you bring the precious eggs back to hatch, you’ll be able to design and deck out your procedurally generated plot of land and turn it into the perfect amusement park.

The dinosaurs each have their own specialized biomes and you can create water, trees and deserts to suit their needs. You can also prettify your park for patrons with fairy lights, guided pathways and the odd hotdog stand. Once they’re settled in, you can nurture your dinosaurs from hatchlings to full grown adults. But be warned – you’ll have to watch out for escape attempts and the occasional rampage.

Make That Money

With your new park set up and your dinosaurs healthy and(hopefully) happy, all that’s left to do is make some money. You can monetize your visitors by reading reviews and tailoring the layout and flow of your park to maximize your guests’ happiness.

Parkasaurus is made by Canada-based Washbear Studio. As two friends who’ve been making games together in their spare time for over a decade, this will be their first attempt at selling one of their games.

Similar to other park management sims like Theme Park and Parkitect, Parkasaurus is fantastic if you like dinosaurs but don’t care too much for historical or biological accuracy. It’s set to enter Steam Early Access on September 25th and according to Washbear, it’ll have almost all of its planned features already in place.

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