Funding for Indie Games on Kickstarter isn’t what it was. That’s why it’s so impressive when a game finds an audience so quickly that it smashes all of its targets. OMNO is one of those games. Originally seeking £28,407, OMNO has raised over £70,000 and surpassed an ever-growing list of stretch goals. It’s an atmospheric 3D adventure game, with plenty of platforming and puzzle solving thrown in for good measure. While only a limited demo and some trailers are currently available, it’s already looking like one of 2019’s most promising indie titles.

Originally aiming for just a Steam release, OMNO’s Kickstarter success has now allowed for ports of the game on PS4 and Switch. However, the current demo is only playable on PC. Stretch goals have added many more features to the planned finished game, like increased for backstory and flora and a time-trial mode for the downhill sections. While it is being developed by a solo developer, OMNO seems to be a manageable size. The final game will be between 4 and 8 hours long, depending on your style of play.


OMNO has a stylised curved look. Each object or piece of the world is made from simple but effective shapes. It’s not a graphical powerhouse, but it is effective. Creatures made in this style look impressive while maintaining the look of the world. It manages to be engaging despite its simplicity. The atmosphere of this cute world is a key part of the experience. The different areas currently shown off can demonstrate why the look is so important for OMNO.

The Worlds of OMNO

Lush green forests, desert, and snowy landscapes have all been shown off so far. As well as some interesting sections that appear to be mountains or some sort of world up in the clouds. Each of these worlds will be open enough for traversing and exploring. Hidden secrets and the backstory to a lost ancient civilisation are spread across the world. It’s a drip-feed plot that looks perfect for this sort of exploration based experience. Each world unique and engaging.

Each of the areas in OMNO are linear for progression through the game. Within each of these areas though is enough space to explore. This will allow for hidden areas and secrets, as well as a more immersive experience of the world. In this sense, while OMNO is a linear world each of its linear levels promotes and rely on exploration and adventure in their open spaces.


The stylised creatures in OMNO look perfectly realised. In this style of art, it’s achievable for an indie developer but also striking. OMNO appears to have managed to create a breathing world. Both the creatures and the background look alive and impressive, helping to sell the uniqueness of this ancient world.

The soundtrack currently used also seems to be a standout, complimenting the beautiful world wonderfully. The music is understated and lonely at times. At others, it is epic and exciting. The Kickstarter should be providing funds for the developer to continue to work with composer Ben Nichols.

Live by The Magic Staff, Die by The Magic Staff

The player character controls a magical staff. This staff is linked with the abandoned civilization that you’re discovering. It allows you to control the relics and remains of this world, interacting with puzzles and the world around you. It’ll also allow you to glide on it like a snowboard, float around the clouds, and zip from platform to platform. It’s a multi-purpose tool and your main form of interaction with the world around you.


The puzzles in OMNO all revolve around this staff. It also gives you more options for the platforming that has been shown, making it a little more interesting than just jumping from place to place and avoiding obstacles. Between the platforming and the puzzle elements, it’s likely that OMNO will have enough going on to keep you engaged outside of the exploration.

While these elements seem fun, it’s the breathing world that you occupy that seems to be the selling point of the game. It’s a beautifully realised title. The sort of thing that continues to push what is achievable from a solo developer. OMNO is definitely a title to keep your eye on in 2019.

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