Old Man’s Journey is our featured game for the physical indie release of the week. This limited release comes from a small publisher named Red Art Games.

Red Art Games is based out of Paris, France. They’ve published several games for the Vita and PlayStation 4. Previous titles include The Bard’s Tale, Deer God, and Riddled Corpses Ex.

Eventually, Red Art Games began publishing Nintendo Switch titles. The first such title is Old Man’s Journey. As well as trotting out their first Switch cartridge, they’re continuing business as usual with a PS4 version.

As for both versions of the game, they’re standard editions. This is a no-frills release as Red Art Games simply wishes people to have physical versions of their favorite games. Buyers will just be getting a case with a cartridge or disc, respectively.

However, Old Man’s Journey is not about frills or materialism. This journey is focused on poignant reflection and walking. The titular old man receives a letter at the beginning of the game that spurs him into the soul hike.

It’s Not About the Destination

The trek will lead players through small-town landscapes colored by pastels that would make Kincade weep with joy. The stunning visuals are the highlight here, whether it’s the gameplay or the flashback vignettes.

Old Man’s Journey is a point-and-click adventure game with a focus on visual storytelling. There is no dialogue, spoken or otherwise, throughout the whole experience. Instead, the narrative is told via the aforementioned flashbacks.

The puzzles themselves are easily manageable and shouldn’t be too much of a roadblock to experiencing the story. Old Man’s Journey manages to throw a twist on the classic adventure formula by having the player manipulate the terrain. It’s just enough of a hook to give the game its own unique feel.

Old Man's Journey

The award-winning Old Man’s Journey is available now from Red Art Games. The price is €29.99 and they ship worldwide. This adventure game should please fans of the genre. More than that, anyone looking for a relaxing game with beautiful visuals should consider picking it up.