Honestly, the first things that draw attention are the stark shapes and vivid colors, flat and graphic art depicting dogs and people and other creatures on a changing cubic field. Finji’s Overland is simply gorgeous to look at. Gameplay-wise, the upcoming title is a turn-based survival affair, making it even more intriguing.

The visual flair of Overland is crafted under the art direction of Heather Penn.

There’s been little information on what caused the end of the world in Overland. No who, what, how, or why. The player is more aware of the survivors they have to safely escort across the United States on a hazardous road trip.

Painted as essentially a harrowing dive into logistics and resource management, Overland leaves players responsible for making sure their car is always ready to go, saving and commanding additional survivors, and scavenging for supplies while evading danger. Any miscalculation can spiral into a full party massacre. For instance, make too much noise and become easily identifiable targets for predatory threats.

But the end of the world is unending. Perish, and earn a procedural reset with a new nomadic group to defend and organize.

It looks like the dogs you can recruit have their own names and some biographical information. And according to a Twitter post, players should be able to pet their in-game dogs too.

Attendees at this year’s PAX West were able to check the game out at Finji’s booth. Everyone can to try Overland’s mix of art and tactics on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 19. The survival game will also be available on Apple Arcade later this fall.

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