Steam GreenlightThe good folks at Steam recently announced a new round of Steam Greenlight graduates, games that have been approved for sale on Steam, provided they are ever completed.
Of the 100 titles approved in this latest round, 26 of them involved either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  That’s 26% if my calculator is correct.  Of those 26 crowd funding related titles, 7 missed their funding targets, 14 were successful, and 5 are still in the midst of funding.

Currently Funding :
Imagine Nations
Mansion Lord
Sprite Lamp

Successfully Funded :
Full Bore
High Strangeness
Organic Panic
Saturday Morning RPG
Paper Sorcerer
The Stomping Land
The Last Door
The Girl and the Robot

Funding Unsuccessful :
CDF Ghostship
Guns N Zombies
Red Baron
The Dyvox Sandbox

Be sure to check out the projects still looking for funding, there’s some very promising titles in the mix!  While you’re at it, keep an eye on the ones that were unsuccessful in their funding, we’re sure to hear more from the likes of Red Baron, Skyjacker, Deathfire, and others.

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