The Video Games Live Level 5 game music album’s Kickstarter is less than a day old as of this writing and well over 60% funded, with 49 days left to go. For those who’ve never heard of the CD and concert series, Video Games Live is the work of musician Tommy Tallarico (cousin to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith), who has worked on numerous musical scores for video games, perhaps best known for his work on Earthworm Jim. I’ve personally enjoyed the Level 3 album, which you can listen to here.


What’s great about the series isn’t just that it’s orchestrated versions of game music you already enjoyed, but that you can more easily share it with both former gamers and non-gamers alike without worrying about their ability to appreciate it as not “just game music,” but music in general. I know from past experience, music from Chrono Cross, Zelda and Ico music (even un-orchestrated) tend to go over well even with non-gamers, and all of those are planned to be included in on the track list for Level 5. There’s also a possibility of Earthbound/Mother making the cut! It’s a Kickstarter that’s at least worth taking a listen to.

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