If you’re a fan of visual novels, then you probably already know that Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition has been  delayed. The thing that is most interesting about this to me is the fact that it wasn’t at all unexpected. That is not a slight against Sekai Project, but a simple matter of feasibility.

The project launched on January 5 this year and effectively promised a digital PC release in March. Of course, the reason they specified such a short timeframe was because much of the PC version was already ready to go, outside of some technical and licensing barriers.


So why, then, was this delay such an obvious result? Everything can and will take far longer than you expect when it comes to legal matters. This is doubly so when you factor in how they must manage global logistics when dealing with a Japanese company. Given the fact that some previous Sekai Project titles have also had late stage technical glitches should also have them padding out estimated release windows. Root Double is now expected to arrive in April.

In the future, a good tactic might be to suggest release windows that are (in their mind) so far out that they’re easily attainable. That way, basically any official release date is early – and exciting news for backers.

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