For those who’ve never experienced depression, trying to understand its devious machinations can seem overwhelming. When it’s happening to someone we love, all we want to do is help, but sometimes our best efforts can come off as clumsy or unfeeling. When it’s happening to us, it can spin a grey patina over everything we once loved and make empathetic words sound hollow.


Even something as simple as getting groceries can prove difficult, and that’s where Happymart comes in.

To help educate those who may be experiencing depression or know someone who’s going through it, Halley F. and team released Happymart for free on April 13th, 2016. Raising $2,000 in their first 20 hours and securing their goal of $6,500 with four days left, the campaign has proven to be a rousing success and illustrates the powerful demand for effective depression education.

Help yourself or someone you love today and check out Happymart now.

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