It’s been about two months since Cyberpunk RPG Dex was released to the public and fans have been able to play it on multiple platforms. Unfortunately, one distribution site refused to host the game. According to the latest update declined their request to take on the title. The main reason cited is due to “mixed reviews”. That said, they’re not down and out yet.


There are plans to try again once expansions for Dex are in place. Their promised free “Game Extension” is in the works and include things like a port to Unity 5 and other “quality of life” additions. So, if you’re one of those that prefer to get their digital game on via then consider voting the game up on their site.

If you are still waiting for the GOG version, we might suggest playing the Humble Store (DRM-free) version instead, as we cannot guarantee that things will end positively with GOG – but we will definitely try, because we believe Dex would be a great fit for GOG’s portfolio!

For more information on Dex, you can read our previous coverage here.

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