When Between Heartbeats launched on Kickstarter earlier this week I was sure it was going to be a success.  It’s a shmup for Steam and the WII U with pretty graphics, smooth looking controls, and a cute gimmick that doesn’t beat you over the head with education.  Traveling through someones veins and shooting virulent invaders sounds great.  An edgy Innerspace if you will.


Some additional screenshots couldn’t hurt!

As things stand now Between Heartbeats is struggling a bit, with just £461 raised of a £6,000 funding goal.  Is the goal amount too low?  Do the graphics not pop enough?  Do the developers not have a big enough name?  Who knows, sometimes campaigns just miss the mark.  Hopefully the Between Heartbeats campaign can get some blood flowing (heh), I’d love play it.  Course, as someone who doesn’t own a WII U I’ll have to hold out for the PS4 and Xbone stretch goals; but they’re not overly aggressive at just £7,500 and £10,000 respectively.

The Between Heartbeats Kickstarter runs until October 14th and it’s worth checking out.

Track the progress of the Between Heartbeats Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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