TurboLink is a fast-paced racing game in need of your help to polish its chromium rims. This high-speed futuristic sci-fi game has been in development for over a year. It has already been Greenlit and had a successful campaign on Collective Square Enix. The game’s developers, Division 5 Studios, are ready and revving to go and all they need now is to get the game’s online multiplayer up and running, and for that they need to raise $20,000 CAD by December 21st.



You can play TurboLink’s demo here.

Multiplayer is an integral part of TurboLink‘s gameplay. Right now, the game can support up to four players via local multiplayer, but to be a hit it needs a real online server to compete on. Here’s a little story to help whet your appetite: the game takes place after an extinction level event on Earth has forced the remaining humans to live in space colonies. Isolated from their home planet, some people seek to get a glimpse of their homeworld by racing in the TurboLeague. Can you unravel the web of lies and learn the truth that has been hidden from you about what really happened all those years ago?

TurboLink has a Story and Challenge mode and is a lot more than just pretty textures and flashing lights. There are 7 types of tournaments that are easily distinguishable and each unique environment presents new and interesting hazards and advantages that you will have to learn in order to win each match. There are 20 different cars with unique abilities to be unlocked and Division 5 Studios has worked really hard to make it as accessible as possible, providing cross-platform multiplayer and compatibility with PC, Mac, and Linux, not to mention it’s PlayStation and Xbox releases scheduled for March 2016. It has my pledge, will it get yours?

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