No surprises here. Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 project, running on Fig, is already close to locking down its massive $3.3m funding goal, having secured $2.1 in a mere handful of days. I guess that’s what happens when a cult classic from a beloved developer goes off-radar for a decade, only to return in grand fashion, on stage at Sony’s yearly PlayStation Experience keynote.


Psychonauts 2 will undoubtedly be Fig’s first major breakthrough success. The crowdfunding platform, which allows both investors and backers to support potential projects, gives slightly more expensive and demanding projects a better chance of securing their funding. In the case of Psychonauts 2, it certainly helps to have a legend like Tim Schafer leading the project alongside his proven team at Double Fine.

Indeed, Gamespot reports that 40% of the current funds come from investors, with the remaining 60% coming from backers. Moreover, Double Fine are putting a lot of money into the game themselves, as well as a currently unidentified partner. In any case, the project is estimated to require a lot of money, which is no surprise, really, when you consider the ambitious reality of rendering trippy psychoscapes on modern systems.

Psychonauts 2 is going to be a thing. There’s no denying that. The question is, how long will the game be in development for? Has preliminary work already started? I expect we’ll see the original come to PS4 as a newly-branded PS2 classic any day now.

Want to learn more about Tim Schafer’s ideas for Psychonauts 2? Fancy helping the project meet its goal? Head over to Fig now, and jump in while you have the chance.

Gary Alexander Stott
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Gary Alexander Stott