Along with the announcement of the release date, team JCYJ treats us to a beautiful release trailer of The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human in their latest Kickstarter update. It looks like the titular last human won’t have much time to be lonely in their adventure. The new trailer focuses on the still thriving ocean life… and downright terrifying ocean monsters.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

The making of this game has been an adventure in its own right. After the campaign was launched back in mid-May last year, things initially went well. After nine days, the project was greenlit on Steam, and after showing off the demo at the Creative Coast Festival in Sweden, JCYJ won the Dreamhack Indie Award. The game was finally funded June 16, with only forty hours left.  After a long summer of working on the game, most of the content was completed by the time that fall rolled around. However, in October tragedy struck after all the objects in the game were corrupted. There were, luckily, backups, but they were from a month prior. Despite the setback, the team redid all the work of the game, opened beta testing, and have now announced a release date.

The The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human will be available on January 19, but you can put it on your wishlist now from its Steam page.

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