It’s been a long winter since the dog sled racing sim Dog Sled Saga was released on Steam Early Access, but the developers haven’t been hibernating.

It’s been over a year since the last update on Dog Sled Saga’s Kickstarter page which rightly has some backers feeling a little frosty, but the latest update hopes to mark the final stretch till its exit from Early Access.

Dog Sled Saga

The update included major changes to the dog dynamics. Your dogs will now experience varying levels of fatigue.

The Steam page shows that Dog Sled Saga has an overwhelmingly positive rating, but I find something rather curious. There are only around 70 reviews on the Steam page. This is strange considering that over 1000 people backed the Dog Sled Saga Kickstarter. It occurs to me that the reason some people may feel a little ill will toward the developers may be because they haven’t been able to play the Early Access version. Dog Sled Saga was originally marketed as a mobile and desktop game and of course, there is no Early Access for mobile users, who may in fact, be the majority of the backers.

Dog Sled Saga is a Kickstarter funded racing RPG where players take control of a dog sled team.

Development for Dog Sled Saga has taken a long time and developers have failed to keep backers updated for over a year.

It is true the developers have taken their sweet time on this project. Original estimates expected it to be released by July 2013 so it is understandable that backers are upset. I agree that developers should have kept the backers better updated, but I most certainly stand by their decision to wait so long before completing its release. One thing I have learned about the mobile app market is that it is bestial in nature. Any bug is THE END OF THE WORLD™, when I read reviews for almost anything on the Play Store I feel like someone let their kid drink a liter of cola and set them loose on the review section. I rarely see mercy for any kind of mistake and think it is very wise to pussyfoot around the mobile app market for as long as possible.

This may end up being a blessing, let’s not forget that Amazon Underground launched last year, there’s always a possibility Dog Sled Saga may appear on there as well as the Play Store. This latest update is hopefully a marker for the final stretch before exiting Early Access. Still, if you need to get your quota of cute dogs, why not take a look at Home Free or Leonard Saves The City?

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