In a first for me, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the draft of a Kickstarter project before it goes live. The aforementioned project is Dragon of Legends, an online action role-playing title from Canadian developer Thrive Games featuring 2D pixel graphics and a suitably retro soundtrack.

Dragon of Legends

Typically, as it turns out Dragon of Legends is actually one of the better examples of a Kickstarter project and probably didn’t need to publish a draft at all. With plenty of information, an attractive layout, artwork, gameplay footage, descriptions of game mechanics, highlighting of key features and even playable music tracks there wasn’t much for me to comment on beyond a couple of spelling issues and some general recommendations.

Dragon of Legends

With only a few days remaining of the draft period I’m currently only one of two people to have provided feedback so far. The fact we’re both fairly impressed at this point bodes well for Dragon of Legends and it will be interesting to see how it fares when the Kickstarter goes live on 19th January 2016.

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