Shadows of Adam is a cool little indie JRPG that popped up on Kickstarter. Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so since already it has over $1,100 of its $20k goal funded. Reading through the Kickstarter, I’m quite liking how the developers are dealing with the fundamentals of the game, by which I mean the mechanics. Too often I’ve played indie games with great stories, but nothing that stands out about how you play the game. I like a little innovation like Portal‘s portal gun or even Ladra’s shadow hiding ability (which isn’t all that new, but it definitely made it stand out mechanics wise).

Shadow of Adam

Hopefully, it will fare better than Midora did

Shadows of Adam doesn’t look like just another game that just wants to exploit your nostalgia. The developers already have a playable demo which I quite enjoyed, and they give details on how the Kickstarter money would be spent. They’re definitely making Shadows of Adam different from a traditional JRPG. They have thrown out random encounters and instead have the monsters visible on the map allowing you time to prepare for battles. The only other game I can think of off the top of my head that has done this is Final Fantasy Crisis Core and it work well.

Shadow of Adam

Random encounters are pretty much expected in RPGs these days so it’s nice to see a change to that.

The team behind Shadows of Adam also mention on their Kickstarter that the map will be more interactive than a standard RPG and mention being able to jump and swing on vines.  I think this opens up a lot of cool possibilities, maybe things similar to planting seeds in Pokemon and fishing. They also mentioned that the dungeons in the game would be operating on a different system, so hopefully, this means that there will be more freedom with what developers can do with the game.

You can put your name down for a copy of Shadows of Adam by pledging $15 ($12 if you’re quick) to the Kickstarter. I want to know, which aspects of a game do you deem most important? Mechanics, visuals or something else? Comment below and let me know.

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