Fans of gaming conventions rejoice as great news has reached the ears of those who backed the Kickstarter for GX3, the LGBTQ-inclusive event that was held last December. According to the update what I have been waiting for is finally coming to pass. No, I’m not talking about GX4, but that is definitely going to happen later this year. What I’m talking about is the panels that were held during that weekend are finally hitting the GaymerX YouTube channel.


If you didn’t go, or missed out on some of the panels you wanted to attend (like I did) then as of now you can start salivating over what’s to come over the next several weeks. As mentioned, there will be 5 available each Monday, but those who are backing the GaymerX Patreon will get them a week early. I do have to say that I’m excited to not only finally watch what I missed but also to finally share the panel that I spoke on.

If you’re not a patron, the wait isn’t that long. In the meantime, though, go ahead and check out our coverage of GaymerX from last year.

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