When you cover the crowdfunded gaming scene, every now and then, an absolute peach of an opportunity comes along. This is one of them – and it’s hilarious.

I present to you ‘STAR WARS – A Game the Fans Want‘. Don’t be fooled by the campaign’s heading, which tells readers the campaign is for an ‘open world, non-traditional RPG’. Worry not about copyright infringement, as the Kickstarter page dutifully informs us that ‘all rights go to Disney and their affiliates’. I’m practically hooked in already. Just take my money.

Better yet is the campaign’s ‘About this Project’ section. Here’s a taste: “We don’t pretend to have everything figured out. Far from it actually. This is simply an idea we have, that we feel we’re not alone in.” Right. Okay.

I strongly recommend checking out the campaign’s pitch video, not only because it’s one of the only significant sources of information on the page (I use the term ‘significant’ lightly in this context), but because it explains what this campaign really is. Your $500,000 is going towards an ‘idea’, one used to draw the attention of Disney in order to show them what the fans really want. That’s right. Disney, not EA, who own the Star Wars licensing rights with regard to videogames. Not even Visceral, which the campaign acknowledges is currently developing a Star Wars RPG.

Visceral_GamesI don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard any concerns about Visceral’s upcoming game. They’re a very capable developer, and the talented Amy Hennig is leading the project. Come to think of it, maybe this campaign isn’t representative of the Star Wars fanbase. Maybe it’s just representative of a couple of nitwits.

What the hell is the $500,000 for, anyway? What’s it going to be used for? Even if this campaign were to succeed (it won’t), what makes these guys think that someone at Disney would turn their head and decide to change their plans? $500,000 is pocket change for Disney. A petition would’ve sufficed, guys. Not that it would’ve achieved anything worthwhile.

I strongly advise readers to enjoy this campaign while it lasts.

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