It’s no secret: I think Floor Kids is pretty cool. As a game, an experiment, and a piece of media, it perfectly exemplifies what video games are capable of. For the Floor Kids crew, self-expression, artistry, and fun intertwine perfectly.

With something like Floor Kids that builds so much of itself around its music, it was only a matter of time before an official soundtrack dropped. Releasing on April 27th, the Floor Kids soundtrack will be available in 2LP gatefold vinyl and digital formats.

Kid Koala is Back

Hip-hop is more than a style of music or genre. As Floor Kids shows with “breaking”, scratch DJ and producer Kid Koala does the same for hip-hop. His work proves that hip-hop is a medium, a voice, a way to express and explore.

Listening to the Floor Kids soundtrack feels like listening to a bouncy, flouncy, fun-as-heck toy. In detailed devblogs on Twitter and Tumblr, the Floor Kids crew has shown how important it was for all of the game’s elements to work in tandem.

The game’s fun and mechanics are inherently tied to its music. Kid Koala brings his signature style and talent to Floor Kids, crafting a soundtrack that fits the loose, freeform, and fun nature of the game.

Kid Koala traverses the storied history of hip-hop in his work on Floor Kids. In addition to the Floor Kids soundtrack getting an official vinyl release, Kid Koala will be taking it out on tour across the country as part of his variety Vinyl Vaudeville show.

Mark down April 27th on your calendars as a day to get fun and funky with Kid Koala!

You can pre-purchase the soundtrack here and check out tour dates here

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