Solo indie dev IMakeGames today announced that Rifter launches today for Steam (PC, Mac and Linux).

Breathtakingly fast and tough-as-nails, Rifter is an acrobatic platformer drenched in neon and infused with a pumping 80’s synthwave soundtrack. Players will run, swing, smash and dash at exhilarating speeds on a quest to discover the secrets of a torn apart world.

The love child of Dust Force, Sonic, Bionic Commando and Hotline Miami, Rifter puts players on the bleeding edge of speed and control. Blast through a world of 80’s-inspired neon backdrops, and discover challenging obstacles and brutal boss battles, in over 90 stages featuring over 30 character upgrades, unlockable skills, and three different endings.

“I have been working on Rifter for 3 years now, and now the game is finally launching I’ve been looking back at the early days of development. I actually had a working prototype with the core gameplay in place within the first month, the rest of that time has been spent adding lots and lots of polish!” said Maximilian Csuk, (aka IMakeGames) the solo developer behind the game. “That’s something I really appreciate in other games, when they feel really alive and have extras, secrets and attention to detail hidden in every corner. I hope players appreciate that when playing Rifter as much as I do in other games.”


You can find a short retrospective blog post about how Rifter came together here.


  • Lightning-fast, action-packed acrobatic platformer
  • Run, swing, smash and dash and feel exhilarating freedom of movement
  • Driven by a pumping 80s synthwave soundtrack and neon-drenched visuals
  • Master over 90 hand-crafted levels
  • Unlock 30 upgrades and new skills to fit your playstyle
  • Challenge a large variety of enemy types and hard-as-nails boss fights
  • Discover secrets, unlock multiple endings and perfect your stage ratings
  • Ghost mode allowing players to see how others made their highscore



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