Developer Wavedash Games announced that a brand-new update for Icons: Combat Arena, its new free to play platform fighting game, is available today. The update brings the “Free For All” mode to custom lobbies, giving players the chance to set up their own maniacal, every-fighter-for-themselves, matches. In addition, a special three-player mode has been added to casual online play, which allows fighters to participate in triple-threat combat, competing against two other combatants!

“One of the most requested features from our community is now live and ready to go,” stated Matt Fairchild, CEO and co-founder of Wavedash Games. “With the Free For All update, players can grab three friends for some classic four player platforming mayhem in custom games or queue up and take on anyone in a triple threat match!”

Icons: Combat Arena is inspired by the early days of competitive fighting games, when anyone could jump in and immediately start having fun throwing out piercing punches, mighty shockwaves, and bruising body blocks. Icons: Combat Arena provides players with a fully supported multiplayer experience, precise control, vibrant playable characters, powerful special moves, and tons of customization, including: gorgeous skins, rousing taunts and emotes, custom portraits, and more!

Icons: Combat Arena August Update Features:

  • Free for All four player mode for custom lobby creation
  • “Three for All” mode for online casual play mode
  • A bonus 10 spectra after your first win of the day in matchmaking queue games, available each day you play Icons: Combat Arena

Icons: Combat Arena is available now on Early Access on Steam for free.

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