Gameforge and South Korean developer Lion Games’ hugely popular free-to-play anime action-MMO SoulWorker received a new content update. It’s a mad, mad world out there and freshly updated character Lilly Bloommerchen is about to have some fun!

After witnessing her brother’s death to the jaws of a monster from The Great Void, Lilly Bloommerchen was never the same. When her soul later awakened, she transformed into a SoulWorker warrior. Armed with the powerful Mist Scythe… and missing a few screws, Lilly’s always ready for action — so don’t underestimate this rich kid. She laughs in the face of danger … like, a lot. It’s scary! And she’s become a lot scarier.

Available now through a free game update via Steam and the Gameforge portal, Lilly’s class advancement adds six new skills to her repertoire of destruction as well as an elegant yet deceiving outfit! With a new secondary weapon as well, Lilly will do bad all by herself.

As part of its ongoing content release schedule, the latest SoulWorker update provides players with new opportunities to further develop their characters. In future updates, each of the remaining four (of six total) classes will receive a class advancement, allowing players to continue the main quest and face powerful foes that await their arrival. Along with new content for hardcore players seeking greater risks and rewards, there’s no better time for new players to become SoulWorkers themselves and rise up the ranks as they battle to save the world.

Check out the SoulWorker Lilly Advancement trailer here:

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