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cliqistlogonewIt’s a bit of a tradition that whenever I interview someone for Cliqist I ask them to put together a brief haiku to describe them, their company, or their game.  Since we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of Cliqist this week I figure it would be as good a time as any to look back at some of them.  All the haiku’s were written by the person being interviewed, and are listed in the order in which they appeared on the site.  Some are great, some not so much, but each is interesting in its own right.

chaos2Game : General Chaos 2: Sons of Chaos

Interviewee : Brian Colin

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

Chaos Grunts Advance

Battlefields strewn with Wounded

Thinking: “War is Fun”

sparkrisinglogoGame : Spark Rising

Interviewee : John Master Lee

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Bring forth your armies

Pew pew pew with cubes cubes cubes

The Spark Bot shall reign

chain_gang2Game : Chain Gang Chase

Interviewee : Joe Pietruch

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

clink clank clunk clenk clonk

in the mystery of life

we are each one link

project swordsmithGame : Project Swordsmith

Interviewee : DuCiel Spitzfaden

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

The tree’s falling leaf

is no different than you

Here for a moment

srclogoGame : Super Roman Conquest

Interviewee : Matt Boland

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : .

 A game set in Rome

Choice, Strategy, Unique Troops?

I’d back that game, man!

beeswing1Game : Beeswing

Interviewee : Jack King-Spooner

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

All we know of life

Are the songs it falls among

Songs of kith and kin

alone1Game : Alone

Interviewee : Dan Wallace

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku : 

Alone in your home

Unsuspecting eyes watch you

Nowhere to run to

churbleslogoGame : Churbles

Interviewee : Barrett Brooks

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Journey through darkness

Swords, spells, boomerangs ready

Fight on brave Churbles

conexpresslogoGame : Confederate Express

Interviewee : Maksym Pashanin

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : Maksym declined to write a haiku for our interview; although his behavior since our first interview has a certain poetry to it.

dropsyGame : Dropsy the Clown

Interviewee : .Jat Tholen

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Do not be afraid

He only wants to love you

A warm sweaty hug

everjaneGame : Ever, Jane

Interviewee : .Judt L Tyrer

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : .

The Authoress could

never dream such a future

as we provide her

dyscourse1Game : Dyscourse

Interviewee : Alex Schwartz

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Plane crash in the wild,

Rita’s work is never done.

Frying pan that snake!

bullet brosGame : Bullet Bros

Interviewee : Jason Stokes

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku : 

A stale battlefield

the volcher’s circle ellipsed

a fresh canvas primed

naturehater1Game : Nature Hater

Interviewee : Adam Cromisky

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Beauty is nature

Platypus does not agree

So give him a hug

pockettroops1Game : Pocket Troops

Interviewee : Aleksey Yarmolik

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

Among the winter battlefield

A lonely Trooper stand in numb

Campaign in progress

pantheon1Game : Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Interviewee : Brad McQuaid

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

The Vision embraced. . .

Epic adventure awaits

The fallen will rise.

pakka1Game : Pakka Pets

Interviewee : Thomas Uster

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :  Not quite a haiku, but some poetry none-the-less.

We’re creating something special just for you.

A void it will fill like a special coffee brew.

So back Pakka Pets now, be sure to recommend it

It’ll be the cool game that you knew before your friend did.

hotrod1Game : Hot Rod Hustle

Interviewee : Tyler Thomas

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku : 

Hot Rod Hustle is

Unlimited potential

If realized now

savage 1Game : Savage: The Shard of Gosen

Interviewee : Matt Fitzgerald

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Barbarian cloth…

of the loins. Battle Cry!

Game Genie won’t work.

kingdomcome1Game : Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Interviewee : Dan Vávra

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : Dan didn’t give us a haiku, but he did share his personal motto

Blessed are those who break the rules!

horse world online1Game : Horse World Online

Interviewee : Larissa Rintjema

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : Larissa didn’t give us a haiku, but she did give us a joke!

Question: What did the horse say when it fell?

Answer: I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!

mulana1Game : La-Mulana 2

Interviewee : Takumi Naramura

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

La-Mulana 2

Having fun making it fun

Working or playing?

39 days to mars 1Game : 39 Days to Mars

Interviewee : Philip Buchanan

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : .


first steampunk spaceship

crashes into mars because

they forgot to brake


A wondrous voyage,

an engineering feat wrecked

when Baxter slept in

darkestdungeonGame : Darkest Dungeon

Interviewee : Chris Bourassa

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

At the rotten gate

we ventured into the dark

it was our last act

adriftlogoGame : Adrift

Interviewee : Seth Howell

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

I Awoke Alone,

But Something Wasn’t Quite Right.

Me, Or The Island?

oscarlogoGame : Oscar

Interviewee : Joshua Long

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

Children without voice

Speak to no one at all but

the Oscar in us

frogfractions21Game : Frog Fractions 2

Interviewee : Jim Crawford

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku : 

rs thirty phones

they make loud bursts of static

if you move your head

you should not purchase

sennheiser wireless headphones

because they are bad

periareion1Game : PeriAreion

Interviewee : Erica Holcomb

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Looked at rocks too long;

now I’m running out of air!

Red dust storm rolls in.

seed1Game : The Seed

Interviewee : Nicolai Aaroe

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Rotten flesh

Still a meal?

Would integrity be cut?

A stomach would not

duelyst1Game : Duelyst

Interviewee : Keith Lee

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

As Blooming started

Duelysts take long journey

to Grand Tournament

planetscube1Game : Planets³

Interviewee : Michel Thomazeau

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

With dreams big enough

The tadpole become a frog

Space will soon be our

chaosreborn1Game : Chaos Reborn

Interviewee : Julian Gollop

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

The Summoner cries

Chaos rises, beasts descend

Laying waste his foes

dancersofwar1Game : Dancers of War

Interviewee : Van Partible

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

Dancers of War is a game you should play

But let’s fund it first, what do you say?

serpent1Game : Serpent in the Staglands

Interviewee : Joe Williams

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Two points in Woodwise

I can talk to wolves and cats

But not the Serpent

warriorbattleground1Game : Warrior Battleground

Interviewee : Stephen Chow

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

I swear on my sword

until death do us apart

I will have your back

choice1Game : Choice Chamber

Interviewee : Michael Molinari

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Into the chambers

A thousand eyes watching me

I’m just their play thing

breakoutlogoGame : The Breakout

Interviewee : Adam Jeffcoat

Kickstarter Outcome : Failed

Haiku :

A ruthless POW camp,

an ingenious escape plan,

one mans will to be free.

foursidedmainGame : Four Sided Fantasy

Interviewee : Logan Fieth

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

Go out the right side

We call this process screen wrap

Come out on the left

habitat1Game : Habitat

Interviewee : Charles Cox

Kickstarter Outcome : Successful

Haiku :

star-soaked night above

can’t find the space toilet flush

oops airlock button

Kona3Game : Kona

Interviewee : Alexandre Fiset

Kickstarter Outcome : Ongoing

Haiku :

a cold white blizzard

ruthlessly travels the north,


hivejumplogoGame : Hive Jump

Interviewee : Matt Raithel

Kickstarter Outcome : Ongoing

Haiku : 

Jump into the hive!

We must all nuke the hive queen, for

the good of mankind!

dukelogoGame : Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler!

Interviewee : Bill Tiller

Kickstarter Outcome : Ongoing

Haiku :

Duke, red with fury

Terrifies men and women

No one sees his heart

Me Duke, Proud Pirate!

Soon me be Swashbuckler

Help make me Captain!

Me mustache tingles

More backers on Kickstarter!

Thank you, me hearties!

HardWest3Game : Hard West

Interviewee : Kacper Szymczak

Kickstarter Outcome : Ongoing

Haiku :


Midnight antichrist

blind guns spill poison carnage

– land thirsts suffering.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the past year, your creativity in game design, and poetry, is greatly appreciated!  Hopefully we’ll have even more next year!

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