[dropcap size=big]E[/dropcap]very week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter video game campaigns that launched in the previous week.  This isn’t to say that all of these projects are worth your hard earned cash, but with any luck having all of them in one place will make it easier to educate yourself on the projects you’d like to back, and which ones to run from.  You’ll find two types of campaigns listed, “featured” and “the rest“.  Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are significant in some other way.  The rest of the games are usually smaller campaigns that are lacking in information, are from unknowns, have unanswered questions, or have not yet stood out for one reason or another.

Featured Campaigns :

starfalltacticslogoGame : Starfall Tactics

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Looking for a strong combination of tactical space wargame and 4x experience? That’s what developer Snowforged Entertainment hopes to provide with Starfall Tactics. Their game is a mix of both, as it focuses heavily on creating immensely tactical battles as well as the ability to explore and conquer space at your leisure. With such attention to combat, you’ll get to make the ship you pilot uniquely yours. Players can create their ship by tweaking every core component as well as simply changing up the paint job. There’s a huge range of potential outcomes, so one players ship might be super fast (but weak to damage) while another is a veritable space tank.

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powerdrivelogoGame : Power Drive 2000

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Are you down for playing a retro-inspired, drifting racing game? Do you think I’m talking about Drift Stage? Well, actually I’m not, as a new arcade-style racing game just hit Kickstarter this week by the name of Power Drive 2000. It fully embraces an 80s aesthetic in both its visuals, car design, and soundtrack just like that other Kickstarter project. It even includes a heavy focus on drifting. However, they’re very obviously different games. In the case ofPower Drive 2000, you’ve got slick 3D visuals as opposed to a pixelated landscape. There are some other differences as well.

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starfighterinclogoGame : Starfighter Inc.

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Did you love the series of Star Wars: X-Wing games in the 90s? You aren’t alone – tons of folks absolutely adored those space simulation games. Even if they lacked the Star Wars association they would still completely awesome experiences! That’s what Impeller Studios is hoping for with the launch of their Kickstarter for Starfighter Inc.Although it cannot be X-Wing in name, it is most definitely channeling the spirit of X-Wing. Heck, original series designer David Wessman is on board alongside tons of other great team members.

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loudonplanetxlogoGame : Loud on Planet X

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Looking for a game akin to Plants vs. Zombies but with an indie music soundtrack? Okay, maybe you weren’t, but it sounds like a pretty cool concept, right? That’s basically what the game Loud on Planet X is. The tower defense-styled project has monsters amble sideways down lanes, but you don’t want them there. As such, you make sure that your band fights everything off with the power of music (or, the weight of a speaker crashing down on the creatures’ heads). This cartoony indie title by Pop Sandbox even takes  a step beyond what was necessary by filling the game with real music from popular artists.

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monstersdengodfalllogoGame : Monsters’ Den: Godfall

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Monsters’ Den is a series with a history. Started in 2007, this web game spawned both Monsters’ Den: The Book of Dread and Monsters’ Den Chronicles. However, these were all browser titles. Now, developer Dan Stradwick is working on a downloadable entry in the series – Monsters’ Den: Godfall. This release should keep fans happy with all the same great tactical RPG combat they already know and love, but with the ability to expand into an even larger experience. That’s why he’s taken to Kickstarter to finish development on the title.

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lightfalllogoGame : Light Fall

What it is : Marcus wrote: “It seems that 2D platformers will never go out of style as we’re always introduced to new ones via Kickstarter. Of course, it also appears more developers are willing to mess with the established formula. Light Fall is one such title. Yes, it’s a 2D platformer but instead of giving players the ability to jump and little else, here you can actually create your own platforms. This is done via a magical device known as the Shadow Core. This big, black box can be called at any time to assist players when they need another platform. But it’s not just a potential platform either, as it also blocks dangerous lasers from slicing straight through the protagonist.

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stationlogoGame : Station

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Looking for a new adventure game in the vein of Flashback or Out of This World? Would you also like a dose of horror to go with it? Good timing, as Station just landed on Kickstarter. This game revolves around an underwater station positioned somewhere deep within the Arctic Ocean to search for minerals. Everything was going just fine before something unnatural takes hold of the crew during a disaster. Now, not only is everyone trapped but they’ve begun to lose their sanity. The protagonist seems saved from the effects themself, but must still contend with everyone else trapped with him.

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mysticsearcheslogoGame : Mystic Searches

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Last year a campaign by the name of The New 8-Bit Heroes landed on Kickstarter. It proposed a heck of a lot: a real NES video game called Mystic Searches which interacts with a modern PC version, a documentary on its creation, and a game creation tutorial series. All that was meant to be possible for $36,000, which they raised easily. But things have changed since then. Although the team is “easily on time and budget” to finish its documentary, tutorials, and NES release, they need more money for the modern half of Mystic Searches. Hence, the Kickstarter campaign for Mystic Searches is now upon us!

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

The Rest of the Campaigns :

Dark Survival : A first person survival RPG that’s a but raw at the moment; but at least there’s a demo to check out!

Divide : A fantasy themed visual novel with a demo but no funding video.

Undine : This underwater steampunk themed survival adventure looks rough, but at least the funding goal is low.

Dot : A really simple looking game with a campaign short on details. The $300 funding goal for updating the website and Steam Greenlight submission fee makes it palpable.

Star Galaxy : An open world game with zero details on its campaign page. The song is catchy though.

Sam : A very cool looking, and sounding, interactive comic.

Plight of Chilloopa : The FAQ implies this is simply a joke, but everything else points to it being a campaign with no information.

Ascending Apocalypse : A survival MMO with nothing to show for it’s $25,000 asking price.

Child’s Play: The Game : We covered this previously. Needless to say it will likely get shut down any day now.

The Awesome Saucer : This looks like another joke campaign.  At least I hope it is.

The Center :  This seems like a really promising project, unfortunately the Kickstarter needs an overhaul; particularly the funding video, screenshots, and funding goal.

Lojfrien’s Last Stand : A puzzle game with a funding goal that’s far too aggressive.

Han dynasty : An open world with few details and nothing to show; not to mention a $100,000 CAD funding goal.

Time of Dragons : An interesting dragon combat game with a futuristic twist.

Galactic Escape : A retro style space shooter.

CCTV Nation : An augmented reality MMO, seems cool!

Mages of the Endless World : A customizable dungeon adventure with an overly aggressive funding goal.

Lunatrix: Knights of Artemis : A platformer that looks a bit too raw for the $40,000 asking price.

Apocalypse Z : Another zombie MMO, this time with a $75,000 funding goal and nothing to show.

Divine Slice of Life : The second visual novel this week with no funding video, most unusual.

Guardians of the Forest : An entertaining looking multiplayer console brawler.

Thea: The Awakening : This strategy game failed during it’s initial campaign last year, but this time things look much better.  Worth a look.

Waste Your Money on Kickstarter: The Game : Another joke game. Har. Har.

That’s it for last week’s Kickstarter video game campaigns.  Watch your wallets!

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