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Brad Jones
6 Min Read

Campaign Postmortem: Ashen Rift By Brad Jones [divider] For every Kickstarter project that finds its funding, there’s one that can’t quite get the support that it needs. Often, the reasons behind a failed Kickstarter campaign can be very obvious, but there are also times that…

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Brad Jones
5 Min Read

Campaign Postmortem: Blackmore By Brad Jones [divider] [dropcap]E[/dropcap]arlier this year, iQiOi Co. launched a Kickstarter for Blackmore (or Blackmore’s Bane), a steampunk adventure game that intended to take full advantage of a development team made up of industry veterans from both America and Japan. The…

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Brad Jones
7 Min Read

  Campaign Postmortem: Wasteland 2 By Brad Jones (Click here for our Early Access review of Wasteland 2 the game.) [divider] [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the Kickstarter for Wasteland 2 began, it seemed to many that the lofty funding goal of $900,000 to make a sequel to a…

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Greg Micek
1 Min Read

There’s a couple interesting crowd funding postmortems over on Gamasutra.  The first is for DwarfCorp from Completely Fair Games, while the other is for Gods Will Be Watching.  The DwarfCorp postmortem is the lengthier of the two but it goes into a lot of detail,…

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Greg Micek
1 Min Read

Kickstarter is an interesting microcosm of personalities; especially from a developer standpoint.  You’ve got scammers, industry professionals, amateurs, kids, dreamers, and everything in-between.  The ones that I find most interesting, though, are those that ask other people for money so that they can violate someone…

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Alyssa Wejebe
4 Min Read

Going from a troubled Kickstarter to an award-winning title after launching last July, Pixel Ripped 1989 feels like a well-deserved happy ending for creator Ana Ribeiro. But with a continued run on the festival circuit at places like IndieCade and SIGGRAPH, winning the New Face…

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Megan Myrick
2 Min Read

One of the most intriguing dead Kickstarters I have come across is Dwarfcorp. Reading through the updates, there is no indication of trouble. In fact, the campaign’s apparent abandonment seems entirely unexpected. This led me to wonder if it was intentionally abandoned or if something happened…

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Josh Griffiths
1 Min Read

Perhaps the most disappointing Kickstarter failure ever is Blackmore. To me at least, which by extension should include everyone. It was a point and click adventure game set in a steampunk world, written by the guy who translated Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill 2,…