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Greg Micek
1 Min Read

Randomized open world co-operative starship simulator with permadeath.  That pretty much sums up Pulsar : Lost Colony from Leafy Games. Sure, there’s lots of other details, like the fact that it’s first person, supports Oculus Rift, features five player classes, and features a single player…

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3 Min Read

A good tactics game is able to take the thinky pain of an RTS and match it with the palatability of a turn based RPG. Lightbulb Crew’s, Othercide manages to burn those synapses just right. With a red, black, and white color palette reminiscent of…

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John Ehrett
2 Min Read

As the Alien franchise has long recognized, the truly ferocious power of sci-fi horror rests in absolute isolation. Feeling utterly cut off from the safety of home and any promise of help. Sunless Skies, Failbetter Games’ successor to their bleak rogue-like Sunless Sea derives its appeal…