MaksymIt looks like the Maksym Pashanin drama is coming to a close; or at least part of it is.  The Desert Sun is reporting that the Confederate Express and Knuckle Club developer that holed up in an Airbnb rental with his brother by way of a loophole has left the property.  The awesomely named ‘Skip Descant’ from the Desert Sun states :

It seems Pashanin left in the dark of night, (property owner) Tschogl said, who learned of the departure from a combination of sources: neighbor accounts, family members checking on the apartment, and even a private service hired by Airbnb, charged with gathering information on the situation.

Luckily for Tschogl the mysterious departure did not include any damage to the property, with the property owner stating “there was no crazy damages. Everything was actually kind of in order. So it was like, anti-climatic, but in a positive way.”

Confederate Express

Confederate Express

Good for Tschogl!  Unfortunately for backers of the isometric action strategy game Confederate Express things may not end on such a positive note.  Other than a snarky “would squat again” comment on Kickstarter, the last time anyone heard from Maksym was during our interview with him on July 20th.  The backer update Confederate Express promised for late July never appeared, repeated emails to Maksym have gone unanswered, and there’s been no activity on his website.

An optimist would say that Maksym exploiting the California legal system to squat in someone else’s’ property doesn’t mean that Confederate Express is dead.  In the absence of any updates, however, it probably best not to hold your breath.


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