Loudr has returned with their 8th game music bundle, and this time it features a number of great crowdfunded games.Loudr is a music publishing platform where artists can sell their recordings, both in single form and bundled up. Awesomely, on Loudr they’ve put together Game Music Bundle number 8, including many notable albums from important crowdfunded and indie games of this year like the OST for Book One: Dreamfall Chapters and Gods Will Be Watching. There are nineteen albums in total.

There are eleven days remaining in the bundle’s campaign and there are two different pledge levels. For $1, supporters will get five game music albums:

  • Deconstructeam’s Gods Will Be Watching – music by fingerspit
  • SleepNinjaGames’ Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake – music by  Disasterpeace
  • Capy’s Super Time Force – music by  6955
  • Simogo’s The Sailor’s Dream (Original Soundtrack) – music by Jonathan Eng
  • Bignic’s Corporate Lifestyle Simulator – music by Bignic

And going up to $10, supporters will get the entire bunch of nineteen albums:

  • Dreamfall Chapters Reborn Original Soundtrack – Simon Poole
  • GalaxyTrail’s Freedom Planet – music by GalaxyTrail
  • Subset Games’ FTL: Advanced Edition – Ben Prunty
  • Deconstructeam’s Gods Will Be Watching Alternative Soundtrack – music by  fingerspit
  • Double Fine’s Hack N’ Slash – music by  Paul O’Rourke
  • Robotality’s Halfway – music by  Gavin Harrison
  • Diego E. Garcaia’s Izakaya Ōmen ~MINI~ – music by  Maxo
  • Double Fine’s Lifeformed: Immerse – music by  Lifeformed
  • QUICKTEQUILA’s Lovely Planet – music by  Calum Bowen
  • Epiphany Games’ Majestic Nights – music by  Das_Fokks
  • MauisGames’ Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Original Soundtrack – music by  Goomin Nam
  • Pinata Games’ Spell Team Death Match – music by  Bignic
  • Orthogonal Games’ The Novelist – music by Kent Hudson
  • Yeti Trunk’s Wanderlust Adventures – music by Chris Christodoulou

You’re welcome to donate even more if you like, up to $100 in fact, but the $1 and $10 options are the only two tiers with specific perks.

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