Night City Assault sounds like a snuff film. It’s not. Promise. Rather, Night City Assault is ‘a story-based beat ’em-up combining RPG gameplay and mission design with Metroidvania-style exploration’, which sounds just as exciting, albeit much less terrifying. Shall we take a look? We might as well, seeing as you’re here and all…

Night City AssaultIf you’re familiar with Streets of Rage (who isn’t?), you’ll be familiar with the basic gameplay model at Night City Assault‘s core. 2D, side-scrolling, face-punching, shin-kicking, combo-racking action over city streets, layered over with a thick and dirty 80s aesthetic. Players control…Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2, apparently, as they kick criminal ass under the aliases Roy and Cindy over a mission-based campaign. It’s an interesting mix-up of a tired formula that’s bound to please fans of the genre, offering nostalgia as well as some additional depth.

Night City AssaultResident Evil 2This is the second time developer Xtra Mile Games have brought the project to Kickstarter, having made changes to the campaign allowing for a significantly lower funding goal ($50,000 AUD brought down to an oddly specific $26,290 AUD). It’s still a hefty amount of money for what is still essentially a first-time project, but nostalgia is often a popular gambit in the crowdfunding scene, particularly when an old formula is injected with new life.

Night City AssaultI’ll be keeping an eye on Night City Assault. You can check out the project’s Kickstarter page here, where you’ll find plenty more information as well as a playable demo. Stay safe, now, kids, and don’t look at anyone the wrong way.

Track the progress of the Night City Assault Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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