When Ore Creative first brought their point-and-click adventure Ira to Kickstarter they were seeking $68,200 to create the whole story. They later revised their plans, canceling the first campaign so they could change to a three act format going forward. They were easily able to raise their second campaign’s $12,000 funding goal to bring Ira- Act 1: Pilgrimmage to life.

Today, not only has the team’s ability to take chances and seek unorthodox solutions brought them closer to seeing their game released. It has helped them bring the experience to new audiences with an upcoming launch on Nintendo Switch. It’s the sort of outcome that would seem impossible through traditional game publishing.

“I think that’s one of the greatest things about true independent gaming; you can take chances, break away from the mold. That’s the beauty of it. We are artists. We can fail.” (Zach @ Ore Creative)


With the first act of Ira nearing completion, Ore Creative used their Twitter account to reach out to Nintendo of America’s Damon Baker. In a pinned tweet, Baker had encouraged indie developers to send project overviews and contact info to himself and self proclaimed, Nintendo Indie (Nindie) guy, Kirk Scott.

New Opportunities From Unlikely Sources

On March 2nd, the team Tweeted Baker a link to a trailer for the first act of Ira. In a Kickstarter update on April 17th the devs officially announced that Nintendo had accepted their game as one of the Switch’s 2017 Nindie releases.

“We are really excited that Nintendo is bringing Ira on board! This is great news and we never thought Ira would evolve to the point where companies like Nintendo would believe in what we are creating,” the update said.

Ira will release simultaneously on all PC distribution platforms and Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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