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W. S. Worrall is a free-lance writer and video producer who lives in the UK. He has an extensive collection of retro consoles and board games and in his spare time he solders stuff together to see if it works. It usually doesn't.

The History of Indie Games – Part 3: Evolution

Time never stops and neither does our look into the history of indie games. This week we've finally got past the awkward early years...
History of Indie Games - Internet

The History of Indie Games: Part 2 – Information Superhighway

So we continue with our look back at the history of indie games. Last week we explored the very beginnings of the industry and...

The History of Indie Games : Part 1 – Hello World

Indie gaming has come a long way. From a niche market frequented only by die-hard PC users, to a market so integral to success...