[dropcap size=big]E[/dropcap]very week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter video game campaigns that launched in the previous week.  This isn’t to say that all of these projects are worth your hard earned cash, but with any luck having all of them in one place will make it easier to educate yourself on the projects you’d like to back, and which ones to run from.  You’ll find two types of campaigns listed, “featured” and “the rest“.  Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are significant in some other way.  The rest of the games are usually smaller campaigns that are lacking in information, are from unknowns, have unanswered questions, or have not yet stood out for one reason or another.

Featured Campaigns :

OverfallGame : Overfall

What it is : Serena wrote: “Yo ho ho, or something to that effect. Take to the high seas in Overfall, an interesting take on the fantasy roleplaying game. Sail the ocean in a world filled with island upon island. Meet up with interesting people and either engage them in combat or you might try diplomacy and talk your way to a peaceful resolution. Either way, each island you set ground on is filled with something to discover.

In Overfall the dude in charge of the human population sends the player through a magical portal to a distant realm to steal some powerful artifact and take it back to him. You know, basic greedy warlord kinda deal. Anyway, the guys that you happened to snatch said relic from aren’t happy about it and decide to use the same doorway into your realm and invade it. What happens is up to you and how you handle the situation.”

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goliathlogoGame : Goliath

What it is : Serena wrote: “Until very recently I wasn’t particularly a fan of giant robots, or mecha as they’re better known as. I mean, sure, who doesn’t like seeing these mechanical monstrosities kick the ever loving crap out of each other but it just wasn’t my thing. However, Goliath takes the concept of building these beasts and merges it with an action-adventure survival game that shouldn’t work on paper but looks like it could be worth checking out if you’re a fan.

In Goliath you find yourself stranded on a strange world or realm that’s a mish-mash of different time periods and dimensions. And there are three or four major factions fighting for precious resources to continue surviving with. And apparently you’re the only person there that can build the titular contraptions. Out of wood, metal, stone, or crystal. That’s right. You can make wooden mecha. Crazy.”

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BattleCON OnlineGame : BattleCON Online

What it is : Serena wrote: “I’m a huge fan of card games. Back in the 1990s I tried pretty much every CCG on the market at least once. WhileBattleCON Online isn’t strictly a CCG it is still a strategic card game that pits one opponent against another to knock them down to zero health and thus win the match. Each character has their own special moves that fit their personality and once the game goes out of beta not only will more be added but each one can conceivably have alternate costumes, some of which add some extra power to the game.”

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aquanoxdeepdescentlogoGame : Aquanox Deep Descent

What it is : Marcus wrote: “In 1996, what might be classified as a submarine shooter/simulator by the name of Archimedean Dynasty arrived on MS-DOS. It developed a passionate following which saw the “Aqua” series continue with the later PC releases of Aquanox and Aquanox 2: Revelation in 2001 and 2003 respectively. So, it’s really been quite some time since then, but the series is now being revived as Aquanox Deep Descent by Digital Arrow and Nordic Games. Neither a sequel or prequel, the Kickstarter is effectively for a re-imagining of the original Aquanox game. So far, it seems fans are really responding if the current amount of funding is anything to go off of.

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Trial by VikingGame : Trial by Viking

What it is : Serena wrote: “There’s just something about Vikings and their heritage. I don’t know what it is, but their mythology make for good stories. And it’s time to Ragnarok the house with Trial by Viking, a side scrolling action game that borrows heavily from the Nordic traditions. There’s really no story there that I could tell when reading the pitch, but then again this is pretty much a hack-and-slash pure and simple.

In Trial by Viking you play as an unnamed pillager of the seas as he goes out to kill stuff. There’s more to it than that, and you do have to make some tough choices during parts of the game, but in the end it’s all about going on a murderous rampage cutting down mythical beasts with your greataxe. And other weapons that you might find or upgrade throughout the over hundred levels and nearly as many unique enemies to wade through.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

The Rest of the Campaigns :

Cross Roads : A rough looking Frogger clone, with a $100 funding goal.

Ludoria : A lovely looking Pokemon style monster catching game.

RULE : This strategy game could actually be pretty cool, unfortunately there’s only some screen mockups to look at.

Defend Your Dojo : An action fighting game from the developers of Steve The Alright knight.

Colony : A space exploration game that doesn’t look far enough along to justify the $10,000 funding goal.

The Daeza : The developers have a lot of big ideas, but their funding goal is less than $200.

Project buff deej : An 8bit turn based game that’s a parody of Destiny.

Judgment of Rage : A side scrolling fighter with some great 2D artwork.

Rogue Invader : A great looking roguelike that I need to take a closer look at.

MyOwnTV : Billed as “The Sims meets Mad Men.”

World of the Crystal Heart : A flash based text game with nothing to show.

Pixel Wars : The third campaign in less than three weeks.

Mermaids VS Zombies : A visual novel about Mermaids and Zombies; gotta love a descriptive title.

Assault Knights: Reign of Steel : I love mech games, but this one is way too rough at the moment.

The kartnaer fighters : $90k for this.

Tacopocalypse : A pizza delivery driver stunt game.

Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows : A 2d platformer that has a certain charm to it.

Panzer Dragoon Gaiden : We’ve covered this, and surprisingly enough it’s still up!

Feathers and Angel : I don’t have anything against mobile games, but there is a mobile game section on Kickstarter.

Block Heads : A blocky shooter that seems like it could actually be fun if it makes it further into development.

The Final Frontier : A space combat sim without much to show off at the moment.

BrawlBeast : A Pokemon style monster game.  It’s a bummer though, the artwork makes me wish it was an adventure game instead.

Wills and Wonders : One of the most impressively over the top cover images I’ve ever seen.

BioEscape : A $500 horror game.

Quatre : I’m a bit confused how this game plays.

Just Pool : A billiards MMO with nothing to show.

Elves Adventure : Not much to go on here except some rough gameplay footage.

OmniBus : A game where you drive a bus and destroy everything you see.

Port Terror : Nothing to see in exchange for the $70k asking price.

Levantera: Tale of The Winds : An 8bit version of pirates that’s worth a closer look.

Awesome Point and Click Adventure Game : A $100 campaign so the developers can buy some development software.  Nothing to see yet.

Smelly Fat Farty Pants King of the Bumheads : My four year-old daughter would think this is hilarious.

Scout : Great premise, but nothing to see.

That’s it for last week’s Kickstarter video game campaigns.  Watch your wallets!

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