Pixel Engineers have today released a playable HTML5 demo of their upcoming title Hunt ‘n Sneak – a chaotic party game in which light is both friend and foe.

The demo, which is playable via the game’s website and will soon be available to download via the game’s Steam page, gives players a taste of what to expect from the inventive couch multiplayer game when it releases via Steam in early 2019. An Xbox One version is expected to follow in the months thereafter.

In Hunt ‘n Sneak, players take on the roles of either the fearsome Gobbler as it tries to devour the Pixies and take over their world; or as the mischievous Pixies, who use pings of light to navigate their surroundings and escape the Gobblers. Pursue, evade and outwit your opposition to win.

Hunt ‘n Sneak was originally due to launch in November this year, but the developers have taken the decision to allow the game more time for polish ahead of release.

James Koehne, founder of Pixel Engineers, said: “We were very excited to launch Hunt ‘n Sneak, but we realised we would fall slightly short of our own high standards were we to push for a release next month.

“We decided to take a little extra time to polish the online multiplayer component, as well as adding more content to the game to make sure it’s worth the wait! In the meantime, we hope the playable demo gives players a tantalising taste of what’s to come in the New Year.”

Hunt ‘n Sneak will be released for PC via Steam in early 2019, priced at $19.99 USD.

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