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Suzanne Verras is a freelance writer and a university student from Leiden, The Netherlands. She is a video game enthusiast, but also loves movies and art. She has her own Youtube channel where she plays, horror and story driven games! Her favorite games include Bioshock, Myst, Ratchet and Clank and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In the future she hopes to be writing full-time and one of her dreams is to sell her artwork one day. You can follow her on Twitter: MissLilyTweets.

The Art Of… Duelyst

A Dive Into The Art Of Duelyst By Suzanne Verras Hey you, just stop for a minute and look at this artwork. Isn’t it amazing? It’s...

Lilly Looking Through Reviewed

By Suzanne Verras Lilly Looking Through, a game by Geeta Games, isn’t your run of the mill point-and-click adventure. It’s way more simple and precious...