A new promising looking Kickstarter launched recently called Failure, which I really hope it isn’t. From the moment I clapped my eyes on the Kickstarter page, I knew I was in for a treat with this one. You can tell the developers have really invested into the mechanics just by reading through their highly detailed Kickstarter page. They’re trying to blend a whole bunch of genres together including RTS, CCG and Tower Defence, the latter 2 I’m a big fan of in general. It sounds a little complex in operation, but overall I am quite enthralled with the creative direction it is headed.


It’s a cyberpunk game apparently taking inspiration from films like The Matrix and games like Heathstone. The plot seems similar to that of the anime Accel World mixed in with Tron, but either way, it certainly looks interesting. The narrative of the game is by the writer behind Dead Space and Binary Domain and according to the Kickstarter the game has been in development for over a year. It managed to get Greenlit on Steam in just over a week and received high praise from Maxis’ Ex Director.


Everything changed when the slicer nation attacked.

Some standout features for me are the multiplayer and different AI for each type of unit. The Kickstarter page is seriously worth going through since it is absolutely stuffed with information on the game. Failure’s Kickstarter goal is £30,000 and I really hope it doesn’t live up to its name because it looks like it will be amazing. Do you think it is good for video games to mix up genres or do you find it overly complex? What is your favorite cyberpunk game (Personally, I like the Shadowrun games)? Comment down below and let me know.

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