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Rhain Radford-Burns is a gamer from Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately, he can’t call that a proper job, so he has settled for the next best thing: video game journalism. Starting off at small blogs about mobile games, he has stayed on board long enough to see himself working at sites like NextGenUpdate, and now Cliqist. His all-time favourite games include The Last of Us, L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption, but feels need to mention smaller, but equally brilliant, games like Thomas Was Alone and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. He loves what he does, and he hopes you do too.
The Deer God is a Kickstarter funded RPG platformer where the player takes on the form of a Deer.

Trying to Have Some Fawn in The Deer God

So, it turns out God is real. And She’s a female. And a deer. Yes, the concept of The Deer God is immediately weird, but don’t let...