[dropcap size=big]E[/dropcap]very week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter video game campaigns that launched in the previous week.  This isn’t to say that all of these projects are worth your hard earned cash, but with any luck having all of them in one place will make it easier to educate yourself on the projects you’d like to back, and which ones to run from.  You’ll find two types of campaigns listed, “featured” and “the rest“.  Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are significant in some other way.  The rest of the games are usually smaller campaigns that are lacking in information, are from unknowns, have unanswered questions, or have not yet stood out for one reason or another.

Featured Campaigns :

Albert & OttoGame : Albert & Otto

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Here’s a snippet of the very first paragraph on the Albert & Otto Kickstarter page: “Albert & Otto is a story about a boy and a magical bunny who journey together and solve puzzles in order to get back what was taken from them.” Sounds totally cute, right? However, if you’re looking at the page and seeing this game’s grey, stark art it feels incredibly oppositional. That’s because developer Nik is not intending to create a whimsical tale – instead it is meant to be something twisting and darker.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

seventeenuncleslogoGame : Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life

What it is : Marcus wrote: “When done right adventure games have the ability to be absolutely wonderful. Some of the best, and rarest, are those which manage to be incredibly funny from beginning to end. Although I’ve personally yet to play the demo just yet, Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life seems like a game with the capacity to be brilliant in this regard. The story focuses on a bipedal pug named Kirk who signs a deal with the devil which goes horribly wrong. His goal is to save the soul of his wife who unfortunately got mixed up in all this. Along the way, our pugnacious protagonist will encounter a whole host of wonderful weirdos.”

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regeriahopelogoGame : Regeria Hope

What it is : Marcus wrote: “For many, Phoenix Wright was the first “visual novel” style experience they ever had. The puzzling, story-focused game series was great fun, although not too many titles have utilized a similar framework. Regeria Hope, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, happily acknowledges its Phoenix Wright inspiration but moves beyond it. In this game, our protagonist Regeria is a lawyer fresh out of school and ready to work hard for her clients. However, sometimes the monetary rewards for failing her clients are worth more than taking a moral stand against corruption. Players will actually get to choose if they’re going to defend each and every client or to use them as unwitting scapegoats.”

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CadenceGame : Cadence

What it is : Marcus wrote: “For the longest time, rhythm/music games were based around concepts of hitting notes in time with songs. Only in the past few years have we seen many more developers experimenting with music and sound in games to create something different. Cadence is one such effort by Made With Monster Love. Currently on Kickstarter, this upcoming title focuses on puzzles – but with a big helping of music creation as well.”

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CrowfallGame : Crowfall

What it is : Marcus wrote: “You know an easy way to get gamers excited? Say something like this at the very opening of your Kickstarter page: “It’s like Game of Thrones meets Eve Online.” Holy moly, right?! Of course, if you’re here on Cliqist you want a bit more information than just an awesome slogan. Chances are you’ve already seen the Crowfall campaign, but if not let’s give it a look over. Basically, it is an upcoming MMO by some game development veterans (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ultima Online) looking to create a completely unique strategy experience online.”

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dontbepatchmanlogoGame : Don’t Be Patchman

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Don’t Be Patchman is a title which just cropped up on Kickstarter and drew my attention due to an odd, but interesting concept. Although the page doesn’t focus too deeply on actual gameplay, it does offer one heck of a story. Basically, Patchman lived in the world of Sheeple and was adored by all of them. Alien/robot/corporation Drones suddenly descended upon the world and asked for his assistance in converting the Sheeple to their way of living – watching TV, getting the life sucked out of them, and being dependent on pre-packaged vending machine food. Patchman did it, but what a horrible move to make!”

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waveofdarknesslogoGame : Wave of Darkness

What it is : Marcus wrote: “It’s an amazing trend to see people who were previously successful on Kickstarter returning to the platform to fund their next game. Aurofinity & Dreamatrix originally came to Kickstarter in 2013 to fund Legends of Dawn to twice its $25,000 goal. Since then, the title launched on Steam, although it hasn’t had a particularly wonderful reception. In any case, they’re back now with Wave of Darkness. The game takes place after Legends of Dawn ends although you’re not required to have played that one first. Players of the first will get to import characters, though.”

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nephilsfalllogoGame : Nephil’s Fall

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Nephil’s Fall is a new game project on Kickstarter which looks to be drawing some attention thanks to being a newMetroidvania on the scene. Of course, it’s fair to say there’s a bit more to the game than that, but let’s start with the basics. Nephil’s Fall places you in the shoes of a nephilim (or fallen angel) who has come a world succumbing to corruption. Nephil’s aim is to restore the world’s proper balance as its guardian. Luckily, he has four different essences which will aid him in this journey: air, earth, fire, water.”

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detectivedithesilkrosemurderslogoGame : Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Love detective fiction? Perhaps then you’ve heard of Di Renjie, a historical figure from the Tang Dynasty who has seen many adaptations about his detective skills. Developer Nupixo Games are utilizing this famed Chinese figure to star in their upcoming title Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders. It’s a point and click adventure game where you must discover clues and hopefully solve the mystery of murders occurring in ancient China. While point and click adventures (and pixelated ones at that) may not be completely noteworthy anymore, the setting of this game definitely helps set it apart immediately.”

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slainlogoGame : Slain!

What it is : Marcus wrote: “If you’ve been checking out Cliqist for a while now then you might recall a blurb we did on Slain! last month. It served as an announcement of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign which was slated to go live in February. Well, guess what? It’s up now and seeking funding! Slain! is a 2D pixelated hack n slash with a very Gothic world to explore. The game also propositions itself as quite hardcore difficulty-wise, which is completely befitting of that atmosphere.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

toejamandearllogoGame : Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

What it is : Marcus wrote: “In any case, ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove is a new Toejam and Earl game for the fans. It hopes to mostly recreate what made the original great with its roguelike design and stages which asked you to find pieces of your crashed spaceship. However, elements from the sequel are also involved. Have you never played any of the games? Sorry! The Kickstarter page, as it currently stands, does little to explain any of the mechanics which made the series a cult favorite. Basically, it’s a pitch to everyone who loved playing these on their Genesis and are hankering for more of that.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

superslamdunktouchdownlogoGame : Super Slam Dunk Touchdown

What it is : Marcus wrote: “Do you love sports? Do you love it so much that baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and the like all feel equal in your eyes? If so, then Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is totally your game. As the name suggets, in this game you basically play a variety of different sports at once. This means a hockey player might skate around a basketball court or a soccer player might kick a ball into the hoop. It’s super weird, but a ridiculously amusing concept. Because of its complete breaking of every sports rule it can also be enjoyed by non-sports fan folks. Although I didn’t have the pleasure of playing it myself I was initially introduced to the game by website Giant Bomb where it revealed itself to be a fully functional local co-op experience.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

thesongofsevenlogoGame : The Song of Seven : Chapter 1

What it is : Marcus wrote: “The Song of Seven begins in a very unexpected way – with protagonist Kiba going off not to save the world but fix a broken fence. There he meets Emma, and the two of them have a chance encounter with a mystical creature. Because of this they’re both able to discover an ancient temple. Being youthful, both hurry to investigate! Once inside the doors close, trapping them inside. Players will have to explore and solve puzzles to get them out of the unfortunate situation. The game is primarily told in a point and click style adventure style, although it takes a more Telltale Game approach by utilizing analog control for character movement rather than actual “pointing and clicking.”

Keep an eye on it in our calendar

The Rest of the Campaigns :

TankTrouble Online Battles : An oldschool top down tank shooter that reminds me of Combat! on the 2600.

Discovering Vita : Another game in the continuing trend of showing lots of pretty landscape footage, but no gameplay.

Snowmobile game : A snowmobile game with an amazing amount of no info.

Recay : A zombie MMO.  The developer has nothing to show, but the campaign does make it clear that the funding is for the pre-alpha; and he’s only asking for $500.

C. Kane : A small Steam submission fee campaign for an RPG that’s already complete.  I dig these types of campaigns.

Entropy : A multiplayer survival horror game with dinosaurs; not much to see though.

Black Code : Lots of legal talk, but no mention of the image taken from DeviantArt; or much about the actual game.

Death By Numbers : A hangman clone.  No video, but plenty of info on the campaign page.

Dei indignatio : Something tells me that none of the gameplay footage shown is of this game.

You Are God to One Person : A god sim where you watch over a single person, a really interesting idea.

Falling Stars: War of Empires : A 4X space strategy game that’s well on its way to being funded.

Adopted : A first person adventure game where you play the role of a not so sweet little doggy.

Sportball Manager : One of those Football Manager type games I’ve always been too scared to try, but instead of football it’s a futuristic sport.

Thievery 2 : A heist game.  No info, so why not give them $75,000?

Markiplier’s Horror Story : An RPG inspired my the popular YouTube personality.

Infinity Wave : An oldschool top down space shooter.

Renden : One of those side scrolling exploration games with crafting, building, and fighting.

Buzzard : The developers put a lot into the video, which is great, but unfortunately almost none of it was the game.

Medieval Quests : A $15k campaign for a side scroller and an mmo.  Gotta admire the optimism.

Eggs Volleyball : Eggs playing vollyball. Pretty simple concept. Would be nice to see the game though.

Venue Vandals : A top down music inspired beat-em up.  Fast forward to the 1:46 mark to see the game.

All Four Wheels : Absolutely nothing to show, except for the promise of a racer featuring over 130 licensed cars.

Oustide The Box : $120,000 for a strategy card game with no screenshots and a video that’s just a PowerPoint presentation.

Kingdoms In Chaos : An MMO that actually has a lot to show.  That’s always nice!

Animus : A 16 big JRPG.

Hera and Sooky : A cartoonishly cute 2D platformer.

The Eternal Blood : No video or screenshots, but the FAQ does include a question about why there’s no video.  The response?  That it’ll be up by the end of today; it was delayed due to technical difficulties.  Not a good start.

Glitch Warrior : An 8-bit Mega Man inspired action platformer.

That’s it for last weeks Kickstarter campaigns.  Watch your wallets!

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