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Peter Nolan-Smith

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Peter is an online journalist and freelance writer trying to make it in this crazy digital world. After leaving the University of King's College's journalism program he relocated to Toronto where he's currently a working union actor and stuntman, with a short web series he's written in development. Born in merry ol’ England, Peter remembers his love of video games starting with Zelda: Link to the Past. He loves big expansive virtual worlds and long walks on the beach.

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Peter Nolan-Smith
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  The End of the Ouya By Peter Nolan-Smith [divider] Note: The opinions expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views or opinions of It was supposed to be the little gaming engine that could, tragically the Ouya, seems to have never made…

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Peter Nolan-Smith
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Off the Table Top onto the Tablet, Conclave Delivers. By Peter Nolan-Smith [divider] New development studio 10×10 Room hits a small bull’s-eye with its first release, Conclave. An online turn-based RPG, the game is rooted in style and appearance to fantasy based table-top board games….