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Gary Alexander Stott is a handsome young writer from Scotland absolutely brimming with talent, who feels his best feature is his modesty. When it comes to overthinking narrative and storytelling in games, his otherwise useless degree in English with Creative Writing comes in very handy indeed.
Forsaken Fortress

How Forsaken Fortress Clawed its Way Back from the Dead

Here's an interesting one. Back in December 2012, Kickstarter project Forsaken Fortress reached its funding goal, with 3,535 backers pledging $121,096 towards the development...

Tears of Avia Isn’t Just Another Tactical RPG. Here’s Why

In many ways, Tears of Avia sounds like a very traditional RPG. It's turn-based, features an anime aesthetic, and asks players to form a...

Sci-Fi Visual Novel Orion Gets a Release Date

Orion now officially has a release date. Described as a 'science-fiction visual novel exploring the nature of time, technology, and the human desire for power', the...
Allison Road

Allison Road Gives Kickstarter Backers Plenty to Fear

Allison Road has the potential to be something really special. Announced earlier this year, the six-man project is set to channel much of the...