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Jordan Ashley lives in the middle of the UK with two dogs who routinely beat him on Mario Kart. He's a big fan of playing Wind Waker over and over again while ignoring all other tasks. He also likes Craft Beer and screaming at Splatoon.

Whatever Happened to Seasons of Heaven?

Seasons of Heaven was an unknown indie title, one that managed to end up with a trailer as part of the initial Switch reveal.  A game...
Life is Strange TV Adaptation

Life is Strange TV Adaptation: Completely Unnecessary

Fox is currently adapting, or attempting to adapt, Life if Strange for television. This is a bizarre and pointless development. Life is Strange has spawned...

10 Indie Games to Catch at EGX

EGX 2018, Britain’s biggest gaming event, is around a month away now. While big titles will dominate most of the show floor, there are...
Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 Review: A Fresh Second Course

Overcooked 2 finds you returning to the Onion Kingdom, once again teaming up with friends to save it in restaurant themed challenges. You and...
Muddledash review

Muddledash Review: Fun and Flawed Party Game

Muddledash is a fun party game, with a valuable lesson about Octopus party etiquette. It’s a couch multiplayer game for up to four players with...
Catastronauts Space Multiplayer

The Multiplayer Space Chaos of Catastronauts

Catastronauts is an upcoming title that might look a little familiar. Taking heavy inspiration from another chaotic couch co-up game, Overcooked, you and up to...