How many Kickstarter-funded games make it to the PlayStation 4?

Almost every Kickstarter campaign for a video game has PC as their target platform. It’s only an elite few who aim to bring their game to a console, and fewer still who manage it. Indeed, the PlayStation Vita became a go-to device for indie developers, with all the bells and whistles to match, but what about the PlayStation 4? While publishing to consoles does come with its own set of hurdles, it doesn’t need to be Greenlit by voters.

Sony is a company with a good reputation in the indie community, known for loaning out its expensive development kit to promising developers. I’m not shy to admit that PlayStation is and probably always will be my go-to console. So I was curious how many Kickstarter games are coming to PlayStation 4 and how many are already on it? Take a gander at the results below.

Adventures of Pip – $14.99
Funded October 2014. Released On PlayStation Store August 2015.

This pixelated 2D side-scroller raised over $65k, and was widely praised by the gaming press. This is a mechanics-driven, platforming game that makes up for its lack of graphical prowess with tight and intuitive gameplay. If you are into games that are less about story and more about gameplay, this will be a good pick.


Among The Sleep – $14.99
Funded May 2013. Released to PlayStation Store December 2015.

One of my favorite horror games for its concept alone, Among The Sleep is told from the point of view of a small child. For me, this game isn’t scary in the traditional fashion, but it makes my gut lurch a little because of the stuff that happens to the baby. It’s one of those games that makes me go hug my little brother too tight after playing it. It’s a little emotionally manipulative at times, but definitely worth experiencing. If nothing else, it’s a graphically beautiful game.

Amplitude – $19.99
Funded May 2014. Released to PlayStation Store January 2016.

A self-described ‘Love-letter to PS2 fans’ it’s rather fitting that this rhythm based game made it to PlayStation 4. If you’re a fan of games like Rockband/Guitar Hero then you will probably get a kick out of Amplitude. It brings a twist to a pretty niche genre and is engaging (not to mention really really addictive).

Armello – $19.99
Funded May 2014. Released to PlayStation Store September 2015.

This is a beautiful looking adventure game that merges multiple genres together. Based on tabletop games this game takes to the digital world like a fish to water with a blend of strategy and card-based gameplay along with traditional RPG elements. Armello is a furry friendly fantasy adventure that’s pretty family friendly and gorgeous to look at.

Atom Universe – $TBD
Funded April 2015. Has Yet To Be Released.

More of a virtual space than a game, Atom Universe is a virtual theme park. The player interacts with other players in the virtual space and challenges them to games. The games take the form of theme park rides that are actually mini-games. It’s an interesting concept, to say the least, and is currently only available as a (very glitchy) demo.

Back To Bed – $14.99
Funded March 2013. Released On PlayStation Store August 2015.

One of my guilty pleasures, I first played Back To Bed on my phone. It’s a brain-bending puzzle game that requires some pretty abstract thought (or really slow swiping until something clicks). Someone clearly looked at a surrealist painting a little too long and then thought “hey I wanna guide a sleeping guy through a creepy maze”.


The Banner Saga – $19.99
Funded April 2012. Released on PlayStation Store January 2016.

This game is a strategic turn-based RPG that is wrist deep in Norse mythology. It is a heavily narrative driven game where your decisions have consequences. Whether you win or lose a battle, it will still change the story. It’s a pretty highly rated game, and lovers of Norse mythology will definitely enjoy the artistic vision of the game.

Battalion 1944 – $TBA
Funded March 2016. Expected to release May 2017.

This World War II FPS promises to bring back the old-school multiplayer of the original Call of Duty games. With pretty much all FPS’s switching to the modern day, the future, or even the First World War, you can see why this one was so successful. The great thing about this is PS4 support (and Xbox One) weren’t stretch goals, but planned from the start.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar – $TBA
Funded October 2015. Release date TBD.

Battle Chasers is what happens when you mix a classic JRPG with Diablo. People seemed to like it, as it raised 70% of it’s $500,000 goal in just one day. This actually led the developers to remove the PS4 and X1 from stretch goals and making them a “core part of the campaign.”


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – $TBD
Funded June 2015. Due on PlayStation March 2017.

You’d have to have lived under a rock throughout the Summer of 2015 to not have heard about Castlevania’s spiritual successor Bloodstained, breaking Kickstarter records. The Kickstarter itself was simply meant as a demonstration that people wanted to see a sequel to the Castlevania games. There were a few, to say the least.

The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 – $19.99
Funded March 2014. Released to PlayStation Store September 2015.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is the sequel to KING Art’s point-and-click fantasy story. It’s an adventure game that feels like it’s straight out of Discworld or Tales of Earthsea. It’s humorous and weird, but a lot of love clearly went into making this quirky title.

Broken Age – $24.99
Funded March 2012. Released to PlayStation Store April 2015.

Probably the first Double Fine game that I haven’t felt strongly about. I played Broken Age when it was free with PS+ and wasn’t particularly wowed. It’s nice to look at, but the puzzles are pretty much just shots in the dark to solve most of the time. The characters and dialog are cute and quirky, but overall I found it very ‘meh’. Still if you want to complete your Double Fine collection, then by all means go ahead and splurge.

Broken Sword 5 – $24.99
Funded September 2012. Released on PlayStation Store September 2015.

This is an adventure puzzle game set in Paris, France. The player must get to the bottom of a dark and chilling conspiracy. If you’re into a slice of detective work then give it a go, Broken Sword 5 isn’t a bad looking game and has reasonable reviews.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation – $TBD
Funded June 2012. Due out on PlayStation Store Q3 2016.

Armageddon with cars. What’s to explain? This insane driving game will be hitting PlayStation later this year and will make a good place to vent off all your road rage. This game is currently available on Steam if you can’t wait till Q3 to get your hands on it.

Chasm – $TBD
Funded May 2013. Due on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.

Chasm is an adventure platformer reminiscent of Metroid and Castlevania. It boasts procedurally generated levels for more replayability, and an enjoyable pixel art style. If you want a little nostalgia then maybe Chasm will be the one for you.

Catlateral Damage – $9.99
Funded July 2014. Released on store PlayStation store in March 2016.

The title of this one tells you all you need to know. You play a cat, and your goal is destroy as much stuff as you can. Imagine Katamari Damacy. Or should I say Catamari Damacy? No.

Children of Morta is a 2D retro roguelike with some beautiful pixel graphics.

Children of Morta – $TBA
Funded in February 2015. PS4 release date is currently unknown.

This is a rouge-like, story-driven hack ‘n slash. It’s got fantastical elements, but with a real life feel to it. It’s your job to hack and slash enemies, as well as spreading the seed of life. Not quite the way you’d think though, dirty reader. The game combines a 2D pixel art style with modern lighting effects to give it a somewhat unique look.

Children of Zodiarcs – $TBA
Funded February 2016. Release date TBA.

Children of Zodiarcs is a tactical RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOMM. It plays out in a grid based system, with turn-based combat. Unlike XCOMM though, it’s got heavy JRPG influences, and is story-driven. You play as a group of thieves who tried to steal something from a noble palace, but ran into some magical thing that was more than you bargained for. Now you’re on the run, and the decisions you make will have a big influence on the story.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – $19.99
Funded September 2012. Released on PlayStation Store December 2015.

This is a popular siege game with online multiplayer. It can support up to 24 players and has plenty of DLC and an ‘Ultimate edition’. Rated Mature for violence, gore, and sexual themes this game might not be for everyone, but it is highly rated. And they say chivalry is dead.

Chroma Squad – $TBD
Funded August 2013. Release On PlayStation 4 Yet To Be Determined.

Chroma Squad is a management game where you manage your own Sentai TV Studio. It’s a turn-based game done completely in pixel art and inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers. Personally, I get addictive to management games really easily. It’s also part tactical RPG, so it’s a bit unique. If you’re looking for a Kickstarter-funded management game then you might like this.

Churbles – $TBD
Funded November 2013. Release Date on PlayStation 4 TBD.

With a name and tagline fit for a Pokedex entry, Churbles is safely described as ‘cute but tough RPG,’ and we aren’t going to argue with that. What adventures will these chubby fur balls get into, well, whenever it decides to roll its way onto PlayStation we can find out.

Cosmic Star Heroine – $TBD
Funded October 2013. Release Date for PlayStation 4 TBD.

Citing Phantasy Star and Chrono Trigger as inspiration, Cosmic Star Heroine is a Sci-Fi turn-based RPG. This game is from the creatures of Cthulu Save The World and is still awaiting its release for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Good news though is that it’s getting a Limited Run physical release.

Cosmochoria – $TBD
Funded May 2014. Due on PlayStation Store 2016.

This one is a quirky game where you save the world by planting seeds. Yup, you are a naked astronaut come eco-terrorist helping terraform an alien planet full of crazy critters. As well as PlayStation 4, the developers are also working on a Wii U version of this game, but progress has been slow.


Darkest Dungeon – $TBD
Funded March 2014. Release set sometime in late July or August 2016.

A rogue-like style game designed to give you a hard time. A psychological adventure with a twist Darkest Dungeon is a dark and puzzling tale with fantastic artwork. We do not yet know when it will be released to consoles, but it’s one to look forward to.

The Deer God – $TBD
Funded July 2014. Release Date For PlayStation 4 TBD.

All hail thine Deer God. This is a platforming game about reincarnation. It promises to change your religion and max out your platforming skills. This game is already out on the Xbox One, and we eagerly await its PlayStation 4 release.

Distance – $TBA
Funded November 2012. Release date unknown, possibly never.

What happens when you mix a survival game with a racer? Distance, a game calling itself a survival racing game of course. It’s an racing game set in a city where you drive a car that can boost on it’s own and even fly. Instead of doing laps and racing opponents though, you instead have to avoid all kinds of challenging obstacles on the track.

Divinity: Original Sin – $59.99
Funded April 2013. Released on PlayStation Store October 2015.

$60 may seem like a hefty price tag but Divinity is a very highly rated game. Not only that, but it has been popular enough to warrant the development of a sequel and some add-ons in the PSN store. Divinity has over 150 awards and nominations under its belt, so if you are looking for a classy RPG, be sure to give it consideration.

Dragon Fin Soup – $19.99
Funded April 2014. Released November 2015.

Dragon Fin Soup – much like Battle Chasers – is a combination of JRPG and Diablo. It’s a top down action RPG with a ton of special moves and attacks. The developers are a fan of Discworld as well, as the world of Dragon Fin Soup takes place on the back of ‘a giant dragon-turtle god called Asura who swims the multiverse of space-time.’ It’s out on the PS4 already, but an ‘Extra Chunky’ edition is coming later this year with new features.

Dreamfall Chapter – $TBA
Funded March 2013. PS4 release is unknown, possibly around July?

What a long trip it’s been for Playstation users waiting for Dreamfall Chapters. The game is being released on PC in chapters with the fifth and final chapter coming soon, but developer Red Thread games is waiting until all five episodes are done for the console release. That’s okay though, it’ll give you all plenty of time to play the original two games, because without them, you’ll be lost in this complex narrative.

Drifter – $TBD
Funded June 2012. Release Date For PlayStation 4 TBD.

Drifter is essentially Windward but in space. It’s a simple sandbox space game where you are a tiny spaceship traveling through space. You can choose how to act and be a friend or foe. Will you be a trader or a devious space pirate? It’s a simplistic game that anyone can pick up and play.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic – $TBD
Funded April 2014. PlayStation 4 Release Due 2016.

A turn-based RPG with a beautiful look to it. It has a mild Final Fantasy feel, and is a story of both magic and machines. It had a very successful Kickstarter, and development progressed fairly smoothly. If you want a pretty RPG, Earthlock: Festival of Magic may be just what the doctor ordered.


Edge Of Eternity -$TBD
Funded March 2015. Release Date For PlayStation 4 TBD.

An intense fantasy Sci-Fi JRPG with an emphasis on story. This is a game with branching storylines that give it hours worth of replayability. It’s an underrated diamond in the rough and I look forward to seeing it on PSN. It had an impressive run on Kickstarter and plays host to a composer from Chrono Trigger.

Elite: Dangerous – $TBD
Funded January 2013. Release on PlayStation 4 TBD.

This is another Sci-Fi adventure like Drifter, but this time, it isn’t a sandbox. In Elite: Dangerous, you travel around the galaxy trading materials and bounty-hunting villains. Has it’s own dedicated fandom. It appeared at E3 2014 but has yet to be released on PlayStation 4.

Energy Hook – $TBA
Funded in June 2013. Release date unknown.

You know the web slinging part of Spiderman 2 everyone loves so much? Well, that’s pretty much what this game is, even being developed by some of Spiderman 2’s developers. Instead of a web, you have an energy tether that you use to do tricks all over the futuristic city, without having to deliver pizzas for Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi.

The Escapists – $19.99
Funded November 2013. Released To PlayStation Store June 2015.

Ever wondered what life in a pixelated prison would be like? Well, The Escapists is the game for you. The aim, of course, is to escape the prison, but just how will you go about that? Befriend other prisoners, study or exercise, it is up to you to meticulously plan and execute your great escape.

The Fall – $TBD
Funded October 2013. Coming Soon To PSN.

A dark, story-driven action platformer that performed well on Kickstarter and Steam. A sequel to The Fall is currently being worked on and promises to be even bigger and better than the original. Recent updates indicate that The Fall will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 very soon.


Fear Effect Sedna – $TBD
Funded in May 2016. PS4 release is unknown.

Fear Effect Sedna has received mixed reviews here at Cliqist, but fans of this classic franchise were more than happy to welcome a sequel. No longer a third person action game, Sedna plays more like a tactical RPG similar to Wasteland 2 or Divinity: Original Sin.

Forced – $14.99
Funded December 2015. Released October 2015 (Yeah, IDK how either).

This is a Co-op Action RPG that we’ve already given a bit of coverage. It’s actually quite popular on PSN and had a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. It’s got a nice blend of genres with puzzle, tactical, and RPG elements all woven in. Funny enough, the PS4 version calls itself the “Slightly Better Edition.” Gotta love a developer with a sense of humor.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game – $TBD
Funded November 2015. Release Date for PlayStation 4 TBD.

If you hadn’t guessed, this is a horror game based on the film Friday 13th. Usually, I have a bit of an aversion to games made from films and vice versa, but I actually trust a Kickstarter one a bit more. I reckon it will be less of a cash grab than games made from films usually are and more of a genuine interest.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – $11.99
Funded August 2012. Released on PlayStation Store December 2014.

This is a fast-paced action game where you can alternate between two dimensions. Think of Fran Bow and how in that game you can go between a dreamscape and reality and it’s the same principle but in an action adventure. This title is frequently on sale, too.

Ghost Theory – $TBA
Funded May 2016. Release date unknown, likely not until 2018.

Talk about a close one. We have some writers here that were really pulling for this first person horror game, but for a while it didn’t look like it was going to make it. After a second campaign seeking half as much money though, Dreadlocks pulled through. This unique horror game has you seeking out the monsters as much as it has you running from them.

Grave – $TBD
Funded April 2014. Release Date For PlayStation 4 TBD.

This open world survival horror game fell short of its PlayStation 4 release funding goal, but a November update indicates that it is still coming to PlayStation 4. Horror being one of my favorite genres I might pick it up when it hits digital shelves.

Guns of Icarus Online – $TBD
Funded February 2012. Release on PlayStation 4 TBD.

This is a Steampunk MMO that has quite a large fan base. Youtuber Markiplier has played it on multiple occasions on his channel and gave it a rather positive rating. Putting Steampunk in front of anything captures my interest so I’m hoping it is released this year so I can give it a go with my little brothers.

Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit – $TBD
Funded May 2014. PlayStation 4 Release TBD.

Habitat is a game of survival with humanity on the line. Survive while orbiting the planet earth on a space station by building and salvaging what you can. An interesting concept for sure, like base building mixed with survival. It was originally due out in 2015 according to PlayStation Lifestyle.


Hand of Fate – $14.99
Funded December 2013. Released on PSN Feb 2015.

This is a card game with personality. Essentially it’s a mash-up of deck building, RPG, and Rogue-like gameplay. You collect cards as you play and then use them to proceed through the games dungeons. If nothing else it is an interesting concept in my opinion, and the artwork for the game does look quite good.

Heart Forth, Alicia – $TBD
Funded May 2014. To Be Released Early 2016.

This is a colorful Metroidvania style RPG about a wizard. Manami Matsumae composed some of the music tracks for this game so if you aren’t into huge dungeons than at least there’s the soundtrack. With a female protagonist and a simply adorable art style, it will be one I look out for when it hits the PlayStation Store this year.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers – $TBD
Funded May 2014. Release Date TBD.

This is a free-running game from Midgar Studios, a name I’m surprised didn’t invoke the wrath of Square Enix. Essentially you parkour your way through a futuristic world by yourself or with your friends. The storyline is essentially about disobeying a dictatorship that has outlawed entertainment by running. Eh, I don’t think we play this sort of game for the story anyway. It has a pretty good rating on Steam at the moment so if you like free running games then it might be worth a look (personally, I love Run Sack Boy Run).

Hyper Light Drifter – $TBD
Funded October 2013. Release Date TBD, sometime in 2016.

Hyper Light Drifter is probably one of the more hotly anticipated games on this list, with a beautiful art style and a lot of hype circulating it. It’s meant to be Zelda-esqu in nature. It’s a 2D action adventure with a nice sounding blend of combat and story. It’s one I plan to pick up for my indie collection because if nothing else I love the pixel art of this game.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance – $TBD
Funded February 2014. Due Out 2016.

If you love the history of Medieval Europe, than this open-world RPG might be exactly what you want. In the story, you will take the role of a young blacksmith who is thrown into the center of a conspiracy. I just really like the idea of exploring the world of the game more than actually playing the story. Either way, if you enjoy games that take place in the Middle Ages Kingdom Come: Deliverance sounds like a reasonable option.

Knights and Bikes – $TBA
Funded March 2016. Release date TBD.

This beans and toast simulator is brought to us by the minds behind Ratchet & Clank and Tearaway, some of my favorite games. Nessa and Demelza are on a quest to find out the truth behind the legends of historical knights, and they use their bikes to do so. Played either co-op or single player, this action adventure game looks to continue it’s developers legacies.

Knock Knock – $9.99
Funded September 2012. Released on PS4 September 2015.

Knock Knock is a simple horror game available for PS4 and PS Vita. The player needs to hide from monsters while also repairing broken lights and maintaining their sanity. It doesn’t come across as very scary but seems like it’s rather fun and it has a four-star rating on the PlayStation Store. The creatures look pretty interesting, like if Silent Hill crashed into Mona the Vampire and ended up with cute versions of their atrocities.

Little Devil Inside – $TBA
Funded May 2015. Release date is currently unknown.

This little action adventure RPG from South Korea promises a lot. Little Devil Inside is a gorgeous looking, surrealist RPG all about “stories about people with ‘unusual’ jobs” like hunting monsters and herding cats. Maybe not that last one. This is also one of a handful of Kickstartered PS4 games getting a (limited) physical release.

Loading Human – $TBD
Funded June 2014. Release Date TBD.

So Loading Human is  little interesting because it is going to be a VR game for PlayStation VR. It’s a Sci-Fi game where you explore the memories a man has about traveling the universe. This game was made from the ground up for VR, rather than having it tacked on later – doesn’t that just make you feel like the future is now? The game had a remarkably low funding goal of $30k which it exceeded by $10k. I’m just excited to see how it turns out. Now if you need me I’ll be on my back over there doing a Squidward impression saying ‘Future’ repeatedly.


Mighty No. 9 – $TBD
Funded October 2013. Releases June 2016, but will probably get delayed.

Where to begin with this one? It’s a side-scrolling action game from a group of developers who have worked on games like Mega Man and Fire Emblem. It blew through its funding goal of $900,000 and received nearly $4 Million. It’s a groovy futuristic story where you play Beck, a robot on a mission to defeat other virus-infected robots before they destroy the world. The hype is certainly real around this game, and I for one, am anxious for it’s PlayStation 3 release.

Monochroma – $TBD
Funded August 2013. Release date TBD.

Monochroma may not come to PlayStation after it met with mediocre reviews on Steam. This dystopian puzzle platformer is in the same vein as Limbo with a similar black and white backdrop. It’s PlayStation release is wholly dependent on how well it does on Xbox One. The main complaint fans seem to have about the game was not knowing what to do because of poor communication. A remaster of the game is in the works.

Night in the Woods – $TBD
Funded November 2013. Coming To PlayStation 2016.

I’m a fan of the story and art style of Night in the Woods. You play as an adventurous and maybe overly boisterous cat who has gained the power of astral projection. It’s certainly a cool concept in my humble opinion and I really like the artistic direction. Reading a little bit of the dialogue it almost reminds me of Homestuck sometimes. Check out the trailer.

No Time To Explain – $14.99
Funded May 2011. Released for PS4 March 2016.

No Time To Explain was one of those magic games that I fell in love with after watching Markiplier play it. It’s pure 2D madness, from fighting sharks to helping your future self without any backstory, because there’s no time to explain. What can I say? I love a little light-hearted comedy with my platforming games.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch – $14.99
Funded August 2011. Released To PS4 April 2014.

Ah yes, my guilty pleasure. I’m a really big fan of Octodad and it is one of my PS Vita staples. I think the point where I decided that I loved the game was when the description of one of the collectible ties read: Hen Tie: I’ve seen enough Hen Ties to know where this is going. It’s a great game, not only for its wacky mechanics, but it’s hilarious plot. I’d recommend it to everyone and anyone even if it can be super frustrating. My one gripe is that I wish it were longer.

On a Roll – $TBA
Funded June 2015. Release to be announced at a later date.

This is a skateboarding/skating game in the same vein as Skate, taking a more realistic approach to the sport than Tony Hawk’s recent outings. Developer Creative Concepts has vanished though, last posting an update in December 2015 that only told people to buy shirts and hoodies. There hasn’t been an update about the game itself since August 2015.


Just funded March 2016. Release TBA, probably years away.

Overload promises “six degrees of freedom” in it’s shooting mechanics, something important for a shooter. Imagine a twin stick shooter like Super Stardust, but in first person and you have a good idea of what this game is like. It’s from the creators of Descent, too.

Pixel Noir – $TBD
Funded October 2015. Release Date TBD.

This gritty JRPG promises to be as dark as it’s name. With developers telling us to think Earthbound crossed with Sin City, Pixel Noir is sure to turn a few heads. Updates have also revealed that the developers have crossovers planned with Shovel Knight and Heart Forth, Alicia which definitely sounds like a little fun. You’ll be playing as a poor Private Investigator, but what crime are you solving? Whatever it is, it’s worth a look I’m sure.

The Pinball Arcade – Free (Kickstarter 1, 2, 3, 4)
Multiple Kickstarters. Released December 2013.

I can’t argue against a free Pinball game. The Pinball Arcade has created a number of Kickstarters to add different themed Pinball games to it’s games. It stretches across different platforms from mobile to PlayStation and with each successful Kickstarter, the developers update the existing game. It’s quite a good policy if you ask me, and it’s a highly rated game so clearly they aren’t doing a bad job. I’m terrible at pinball, so I don’t have any great commentary on this except for “look free pinball game” *Jumps through window.*

Quiplash – $9.99
Funded April 2015. Released June 2015.

Every console needs a few party games. Whether it’s your little brother and sisters who have dragged their friends round to persecute you, or people you actually like ( ;-p ) party games are a staple. Quiplash is a word game where you answer prompts and then have your answers pit against the other players, hilarity ensues. Players vote on the best answer even if they are simply audience members.

Race the Sun – $9.99
Funded March 2013. Released October 2014.

I probably never would have bought Race the Sun from reading about it, but I got it free with PS+ and it blew my mind. It’s an addictive free running game, and it’s my top played game on the Vita. I still can’t survive over 3 minutes in apocalypse mode, but every time I play I feel like my reflexes are sharpening. It’s one of those games that makes me snap at anyone who talks to me while I play because it requires all of your brains concentration. If you try and talk while playing this game you will sound like you are having a stroke half the time, but I do love it. Never before has the Unity engine brought me such joy.

Rain World – $TBD
Funded February 2014. Release Date TBD.

This is a 16-bit game based in a dystopian future where life as we know it is gone. You play a slug-cat, and you need to use your platforming skills to hunt your prey and avoid being eaten. It’s a cute and slightly morbid idea. We have no idea when it will land on PlayStation 4, but it looks like something I might see on my PS+ at some point.

Ray’s the Dead – $TDB
Funded September 2014. Release Date TBD.

Who doesn’t love a good zombie game? This one is a story-driven action-adventure that’ll give you the warm fuzzy feelings. Raise your legion of undead zombies and discover how you died, a sort of cartoony take on an old cliche, but it’s pretty cute. It’s certainly unique and it’s set in the 80s, that means bad hair bad clothes and lightly tolerable music.


Read Only Memories – $TBD
Funded December 2013. Release Date sometime in 2016.

Based in the not so distant future, this cyberpunk adventure revolves around the theme of A.I. and the first sentient robot. It’s got some beautiful pixel-y art as well. It’s due out at some point this year and is already doing the rounds on Steam. You can nab yourself a copy of the demo and check out the trailer to get a better idea.

République – $24.99
Funded May 2012. Release Date March 2016.

Though République was originally created specifically for touch screen devices such as tablets, it has also hit the PlayStation 4. It’s a story-driven action game taking place a pretty dark and scary future. This is one I’m not jumping out of my seat to buy for its current price considering it was a mobile game first, but I’ll keep it in my consideration pile.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – $TBD
Funded October 2013. Release date TBD.

I whip my hair back and forth I said I *cough* sorry about that. So this is the fourth installment in the Shantae series. You play as a half genie who can use her hair as a whip in this simple action platformer. It must be at least half good or there wouldn’t be four of them. We still don’t have an exact date but according to the website it is coming soon.

Shape of the World – $TBD
Funded July 2015. Release is TBA.

Recently entering pre-alpha stage on PC, Shape of the World is a colorful exploration game with a procedurally generated world. Citing Journey and Flower, the developers promise an easy-going, yet still fun experience. Also you can build monuments to yourself in new areas, so that’s nice.


Shenmue III – $TBD
Funded July 2015. Due December 2017.

The previous entries in this series were published by Sega, so this isn’t you’re ordinary Kickstarter. The first Shenmue game was one of the most expensive of its time, and despite a positive reception the series is known best for its commercial failures. It’s an action-adventure RPG, and if you’re a fan of the series I don’t see any reason not to complete the collection. Shenmue III generated quite a lot of hype at E3, so maybe three’s a charm?

Shiness – $TBD
Funded June 2014. Due Out Early 2016.

An impressive looking RPG with some well designed characters of various races. It has all the things you look for in an RPG, creative characters and environments with a bit of a twist. There is some sort of reputation system in the game which I’m imagining might work like Fable, but that’s just a guess. All in all it looks pretty darn professional.

Shovel Knight – $14.99
Funded April 2013. Released April 2015.

With over a million copies sold, Shovel Knight needs no introduction. It’s a nostalgic call back to the 8-bit generation and certainly earned its current fame. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t enjoyed this action adventure. Sure it’s a cliche go save the princess love interest, but dammit I love cheesy love stories.

Soul Saga – $TBA
Funded July 2013. Release date is still unknown.

Soul Saga claims to be the first 3D JPRG on Kickstarter, and while I can’t verify those claims, it does look like a lot of fun. It’s pretty much a standard JRPG, but with cutesy, “chibi” characters. And it’s being made by Americans, so it’s not technically a JRPG.

Starwhal: Just the Tip – $11.99
Funded December 2013. Released February 2015.

Oh my god it’s a narwhal. It’s kinda hard to explain this multiplayer game, but some choice words include: insane, ridiculous, and OMG-I-Need-This-In-My-Life. Essentially, you customize your narwhal and battle your way across 25 arenas while avoiding hazads and mercilessly beating your friends. To quote the developers “we believe we’ve achieved nirvana through narwhal space combat.”

Stash: No Loot Left Behind – $TBD
Funded September 2014. Release Date TBD.

Stash is an MMORPG that revolves around strategy. It’s a turn-based game that takes inspiration from many MMORPGs already out there. It has a large community and has a large emphasis on playing with your friends. Worth a peak to see if it’s something you’d like if you’re looking for an online games.

Strike Suit Zero – $19.99
Funded October 201.2 Release Date April 2014.

A fast paced fighting game in space. You control a small spacecraft and have to fight for the fate of planet Earth. The game has mostly positive reviews and I’m expecting something akin to Blast Radius (if anyone remembers that old game, come on guys, don’t make me feel old!) after reading about it.

There Came an Echo – $TBD
Funded February 2013. Due Out May 2016.

You may remember this little indie game from the PlayStation Experience in December. From the creators of Sequence comes this voice oriented strategic battle game. You order units around with your voice. It’s a small thing, but I imagine it will be quite immersive, especially since your unit members ask you questions.


Visage – $TBA
Funded March 2016. Release date unknown, due January 2017.

Visage was only just funded in March 2016, so there’s a long way to go before your PS4 meets this first person horror game. This one promises to be a psychological horror game, with more than just a few jump scares. We’ll see how true that’ll end up being, but here’s hoping it’ll be good.

Volgarr The Viking – $TBD
Funded August 2012. Release on PSN TBD.

Volgarr The Viking already made it on to the Xbone, but it’s still a no show for PlayStation 4. This is a challenging 2D action-arcade style game that aims to be difficult. It’s a frustration filled nostalgia trip into the days where throwing your Gameboy across the room could cause serious damage.

Wasteland 2 – $29.99
Funded April 2012. Director’s Cut released on PS4 October 2015.

The first big Kickstarter campaign after Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2 marked the return of a classic game from the 80’s. In this CRPG, you play a group of rangers in the post-apocalypse. Wasteland 2 comes to the the PS4 in the form of the Director’s Cut edition, and since it got a physical release, you’ll be able to find it cheaper online.

Whispering Willows – $TBD
Funded February 2013. Release On PSN TBD.

This is a horror game where the player uses the power of astral projection to solve puzzles. Think how you use pills in Fran Bow and it’s pretty much the same principle. You help ghosts move on and all in all it seems more sweet than scary on the surface. The horror comes in discovering what happened in the mansion you are exploring.

The Wild Eight – $TBD
Funded May 2016. Release date expected December 2016.

The Wild Eight is a survival game that emphasis real-world survival elements over a zombie or post-apocalypse setting. You’re a survivor of a plane crash, and if this sounds familiar it’s because it’s eerily similar to The Long Dark. Hopefully this one will have a better development process if nothing else.

Xing: The Land Beyond – $TBD
Funded February 2013. Due in 2016.

Xing is a VR puzzle game. It has an interesting premise: you’re already dead and you have to figure out who you are and what exactly you’re doing. It’s great to see another VR game on the market for PlayStation since it is still fairly new and niche. This game has some pretty awesome looking environments too.


Yooka-Laylee -$TBD
Funded June 2015. Due for release Q1 2017.

So I think most people will have heard about this platformer. Yooka-Laylee raised over £2million in funding and it’s one of those call back to the 90s games. It has a team made up of former members of Rare including some of the designers behind Banjo and Kazooie of which the game is the spiritual successor to.

And there you have it. Did I miss any games? There are some like We Happy Few which may come to the PS4 in the future, and Woolfe which had it’s PS4 version canceled, but for now this should be all she wrote. Let me know in the comment section below if I missed any!

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith is an English Teacher in Mianyang China with a passion for gaming. Stephanie is dedicated to Edutainment and wants to bring video games into the classroom and help other teachers do the same. She's a little too overly enthusiastic about collecting Steam badges and fairly grumpy if she doesn't get her daily dose of Markiplier and Game Grumps.
Stephanie Smith